Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. Farmhouse Cheese - 2 Pound Pack

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. Farmhouse Cheese - 2 Pound Pack
$28.99 + $5 shipping
1 Point Reyes Farmhouse Cheese, 2 Pounds

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11/1/07 (Blue)
11/20/08 (Blue)

And the award for things I shouldn’t eat in a single sitting goes tooooooo…

Who cut the cheese?

All over it!

how sharp is this?

Boy it sure is a good thing that cheese (or fat in general) doesn’t make you fat, nor does it alone make your cholesterol numbers all wonky.


Speaking of amounts of cheese you shouldn’t eat in one sitting-
There’s a food challenge in Cleveland with 13 types of cheese, three pieces of garlic toast, fries and coleslaw, weighing around five pounds.

$17/pound is not bad at all if this is good cheese.

Anybody know of any reviews anywhere?

Yes! I guess we get the beer and the cutting board too, no snarky woot comments about how we can’t have them! Hurray, cheese!

Is it possible to declare allegiance to a cheese? If so this is the one I pick as my new master.

Shock, awe, confusion, why is this e-mail telling me I get to rat a non-wine mystery item? Oh well, no questioning good fortune. Doorbell wake-up call around 9:30 (side note; so glad I’m on night shift this week, I hate to think of what would have happened to that poor defenseless cheese if it had sat on the front porch in 90+ degree weather all day) and there’s the mystery package. Open it up and oh lawd is that a thing of beauty.

Immediately I ripped (ok cut) it open and slice off a bit. Ohmigosh did that make my mouth happy. A little sharp and smooth and creamy and delicious, I just want to eat this cheese forever and ever. Proceeded to eat it with various things. Topped my asparagus and soft scrambled eggs breakfast with some, it went all melty incredibly fast and was great with it. On some decent bread with good butter and ham for lunch, pure deliciousness. Some slices with sweet cherries for a snack, explosion of happy. The sweet slightly tart juicy cherries went so well with the sharp creamy cheese.

Reading the description, heck yeah its good anytime, anywhere, with anything. It’s not incredibly sharp (but then I was measuring it against a 7 year aged cheddar since that and pepperjack are the only ones we had in the house) but there is enough to please me and I’ve always liked cheese on the sharper side. Pretty sure as soon as I get home from work I’m going to have some with some beer and rye chips and sugar snap peas. Everyone needs this cheese in their lives.

Wow – check out all the cheese lovers in Minnesota. Take that, Wisconsin!

Heh, my family loves Melt, but I don’t think anyone has attempted the challenge. I was just missing Panini’s yesterday too…

Why does W.W keep teasing us with pictures of beer and/or beer accessories?

Is the beer included with the cheese? And what kind of beer goes best with this cheese then? I’m wondering if a nice Czech Plsen might work, or would it overpower it?

Can this cheese be frozen without ruining it? If so, for how long?

The picture of the beer looks like it was added in–it’s leaning to the left. No doubt they are teasing us. All of us.

Hmmm…love their blue cheeses, might have to be in for this.

Surprisingly, discovered this artisan cheese maker in Hawaii, of all places. If you ever make it to Maui, be sure to check out the “Who Cut The Cheese?” shop in the Kihei area (http://www.whocutthecheese.net/) . Great selection of wines and cheeses, including some excellent Aussie cheese varieties I’d never heard of.

This is kind of weird. I was unaware that Pt Reyes Farmstead made a semi-hard white cheese, which is what the description seems to indicate. And their website certainly indicates that they only make blue.

If this is the blue, it’s quite good and I’d gladly snap some up at that price. My favorite cheese to melt over a steak.

mmmm… Point Reyes? Auto in for one.