Pointless pushes are here!

Thankful harmless to humans but sure wouldn’t want to find that thing in my shoe.

Correction you mean tailless whip scorpion

I think whip spiders are adorable and I kind of want one.

It turns out I don’t want to be creeped out.

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Uhhh… yeah. Thanks for that. Now everytime I feel a tickle on me, I jump. Those things are creepy for sure.:scream:

Um, no. I am a no spider kind of person. Enjoy that search.

No thank you

Holy crap! (And not the good kind!)

I believe it’s UNHOLY crap!



Dessert pizza… chocolate spread (such as Nutella) or Cookie Butter, topped with nanas & strawberries. Mmmmm!! :drooling_face:

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We have a whip spider at the science museum. I got to see the little dude catch a cricket once- coolest thing ever. I show him to all the little kids. Some of them scream.


:scream: What the heck??? That thing looks like something created by special effects to deprive us of our well-earned sleep!

Mortimer and Monte are cuties :blush:

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Me too! Hahahah



salt n pepa dancing GIF

I thought the show was on autopilot anyhow. How is there a disruption due to nap?

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Coupon please.

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