Pointless pushes are here!

You never told us where to find the mysterious sprinkles treasure -that is your band, so technically you score double for that particular p-push!

2-in-1! Well done son!

(Let the mult-tiered-multidimensional pointless push competition begin! :kissing_heart:)

But what if we, the people, want to hear about your band?

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Advertising your band is about as pointless as it gets.

Also, Pointless would be a great name for a punk/grunge band.

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Poor Brian!!


If will wear a mask :mask: can we still have the picnic? Pretty please with a mask on top?

Oh dang! That’s harsh!!

That’s not very nice… not very nice at all. ;(

I was hoping for a cover of Freebird

He does now!

We demand a picni3!

So much for me bringing Cheryl.

That was cruel. I like it!:grin:

Don’t let Sprinkles and the Doughboy hear that their gig is cancelled. They’ve heard it so many times that their eyes glaze over.

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Wow! No response. I’m honestly surprised

Two people did reply to your comment, though they didn’t go into much detail. Pointless pushes are just random hopefully funny notifications from Woot because “random” and “hopefully funny” is pretty much what Woot is all about. Also, they sell things, but not via the pointless pushes. Except once when the push led to bags of crap.


Touche @peaceetc I guess one more like the 1 you just gave. So Thank you!

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Don’t be a hater!

Bow chikka chikka wha wow

Let me in on that office cheese!