Poizin 2005 Sonoma County Zinfandel Trio

What the heck is this? Looks like a carnival drink!

Coolest. Bottle. Ever.

Car. Insurance. Killing. Budget.

Damn. It. All.

My favorite wine store guy actually mentioned this winery the other day. I’ll have to give him a call and get his take, see if I want one of these trios… Not that I need more wine, but Wooting is just too easy.

Holding off (for now), to see if reviews are posted. I’m tempted to get 3, but at the same time, I’m tempted to pass. I can’t find any reviews online, so I don’t know which to do.

One review said this bottle was being sold for $65.

Nice bottle, mixed reviews, Parker thought it wasnt worth the money but he had it listed for $60 retail? very high, tipicaly it’s 20 to 30 a bottle. so it’s a pretty darn good value for 3.

im in for 1 lot.

Vintner’s website/storefront lists it for $25/bottle.

I’m not so sure about this one. I like Zins, but I’m not sure I’m sold on the description.

They apparently use or have used the same name for a ~$50/bottle issued with a wax cap and an etched, not silk-screened, bottle. That might have been the first issue, though.


ok, special edition bottle with coffin box may have been the reason for the extra $40. Most places are putting this at $25. No tasting notes found yet.

looks like the $60 bottle is the “reserve” poizin from their website https://www.net10.net/ShoppingCart/buy/ProductList.asp
Let’s not get confused everyone. the coffin would be neat though

The first vintage of this wine under this name came out about 2002 or so. It was in a cork-finished bottle with a wax capsule, and each bottle was sold in a coffin-shaped wooden box. The retail price at the winery was $70.00.

It was good, but not $70.00.good.

Incidentally, they also sold a 375ml bottle of a sweet white wine, and the name on it was “Antidote.”

I think I’ll take a flyer on these three bottles – they’ll come to under $19.50 each including shipping, and if they’re as good as the earlier vintage, they’re certainly worth that…


Boy, this looks like just crazy fun…but man, I really don’t need any more wine right now! In just a few short weeks of a buying frenzy I’ve managed to pile up about 65 bottles of wine and only about 5 of them are ‘hold’ bottles and the rest are ‘drink now’ (i.e. not exactly long-cellaring kind of stuff). Sheesh, while I like having a nice selection on hand I think I better stop for awhile and start drinking the stuff, at 3 bottles a week I’m already set for the next 5-6 months. I gotta get choosier. I’ll try to hold off on this but to me that means I’ll probably make it til Wednesday. heh.

this winery’s not on SHopzilla’s listings… but here’s a link to compare and enjoy that is related and useful…

ALL 2005 Zinfandel’s on Shopzilla… lowest is about $7.50… hurray.

On the winery’s “Accolades” page, the 2004 silk screen Poizin won several medals, but nothing for the 2005 that is offered here. If the winemaker shows up, maybe s/he can let us in on whether it was entered anywhere.

Also, FYI, Armida bought the La Famiglia brand.

Some awards for the 2004 - was 2005 a good weather year in sonoma? Any reason why the 2005 wouldn’t be a winner (the 2004 won in both 2005 and 2006).


any states off the llist this week?

Does anyone know about the code ‘bpnvoyage’ used on here to get free shipping? I saw it mentioned for a previous wine on here but it does not work. Any explanation would be helpful. Thanks.

I drank that wine, and wish I hadn’t. A friend brought it over, but - looking back - I’m thinking that he might have NOT brought it to drink, but to save and possibly appreciate. So, I have an empty wax covered wine bottle, and the coffin went into the guinea pig cage for food.

I should take a ball peen hammer to my forehead, shouldn’t I?

Well, that’s an interesting added bonus for them, but I’m still working on whether or not to buy this one…and if I do, it will be multiple rather than just one…

SO, either it’s good enough for 3, or not good enough. I love zin, but without a pricecheck and tasting notes, it maked the decision very difficult…