Poizin - The Wine to Die For! (4)

2012 Poizin Zinfandel - The Wine to Die For! 4-Pack
$69.99 $115.00 39% off List Price
2012 Poizin Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
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Delivered in time for Halloween

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But, but, @ world market for $8.99…?
I need to check and make sure it’s the same, too large a price differential.

$10.95 is the lowest price on wine-searcher (non-pro edition)
EDIT: found the 2011 for $9.99, that’s probably what World Market is selling

Split? You order and I store it?

Google search brought up $11.49 at another site. The picture looks different so I’m not exactly sure it is the same wine. If it is, it is $10 less for 4 with calculated shipping to my state (FL).

$20 a bottle at a major retailer in Dallas. I’m guessing what you’re finding is not the same thing as this retailer has as good of prices as anywhere I can typically find online. Alas, no real savings on Woot for me!

Bought some last year. Mostly gave as gifts, but the bottle I kept was a robust, quality table wine. I didn’t take tasting notes on it, but I recall it being quite tasty with dark chocolate.

When I’ve seen this at World Market, it’s been bottled with paper labels. What Woot had last time, and appears to have this time, is bottled with screen-printed graphics on the glass. I don’t know if the juice is different from one to the other, but the ink-on-glass version is a much more attractive gift bottle. Several of the folks I gave this to last Christmas kept the bottle.

I’ve been checking woot daily in anticipation of seeing this. No coffin with this offer but I’m in for 3 anyway. $5 shipping makes this an awesome deal

Yeah, I saw this wine at Kroger in the Dallas metro… Um… it was around $20.

These better not be paper labels as the pictures are definitely of the beautiful painted bottles.

Contact me if you want a wootlegger.

It looks like this year Armida bottled a lower end of this. I happen to have both. The less expensive with a paper label is designated as " California" and the other with the silk screening is designated as " Dry Creek". I have not tasted the less expensive yet but for $9.99 how can you go wrong with Armida juice?

Never had anything other than silk-screen bottles.

This is the wine that got me started on woot. Given the expense, I should be cursing it. Yet, I look forward to it.

Will likely wait until later to see if I need to wootleg. But time to replenish.

And they have the most wonderful view from their tasting room, with a bocce court. Great place to visit.

I finished off my last bottle of Poizin a month or two ago and was looking for more to come around. Alas I am in Ohio, so I’m out.

It was quite tasty juice.

The bottles that I received had the printed on logo, which I use one of the empties as a show piece (empty). It has been quite a conversation starter.

I’m also surprised to see Ohio off the list. This was always one of my sure buys when I lived there, and last year I just had it shipped to a friend. Now in PA I know I can’t buy online, but I did find a wine/liquor store that sometimes has this on the shelf. Basically the same price when shipping is factored in, and I can buy fewer bottles if I choose to.

They also make quite the conversation piece at parties when you bring them as a mini-growler for homebrew and just drink from the bottle (it’s only about 24oz or 2 beers’ worth).

@AVNGME I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Wooters!!
WinemakerB, the maker of Poizin here. I will be checking in periodically today, while I work on fermenting the 2013. Ask me anything.

Hey all!

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