Looks like a machine full of candy.

The first 150 Pokemon. The amount of work that must have gone into this… Congrats on the print!

Wow…Great job, Calbers! I’m sure your design will bring joy into the lives of many Pokemon Go players. :slight_smile:

Green Squirtle…unwearable

Doduo and Dodrio have the same abbreviation.

Dodou is Dd
Dodrio is Do

Professor Oak would be proud.

Correct! Thanks for clarifying that comment. It is Dd and Do. The type is just too small to see here.

Thanks for the print! And all the great comments!

Like he concept, but it would be better if it was grouped by type (period) as the real periodic table instead of #.

Ah, I was going to say the same for Nidorina and Nidorino, thinking they were both the same, but now I see it’s Nd and No.

Some initially jarring color choices, but understandable, given the palette limitations.

Nice work.

Can you make this for a tank top too!! Please! I got the periodic hero on a while ago and im in love with it. I’d be great if you made one for tanks :slight_smile:

I would have liked to see the evolutions in the same columns (since chemically similar elements are found in the same column). Would have been neat if they arrange them so that physically heavier pokemons are lower on the table than lighter ones.

I agree! A tank would be perfect! Maybe someday?

Probably when it’s warmer. I don’t know where you guys are- but I’m starting to get chilly! It’s hoodie season in Seattle…

Is There Any Chance That You Would Be Able To Restock 3xl Hoodies For This Print? It’s Too Awesome & It’s Starting To Get Cold Where I Live. Pretty Please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Huh, why is Squirtle green? Love it other than that.

#68 Green Machamp = unwearable

Can I still order this as a hoodie?

No, unfortunately not at the moment. We only offer the hoodie during the original day of sale or during plus sales.

That being said, now that it’s getting cooler out, we should start seeing more hoodie plus sales. And who knows, maybe this design will end up getting printed again.