Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



woo hoo! I finally walked over 50 km in a week so I got a 10k egg as a reward. fingers crossed it’s a riolu!!

also, I was whining about never getting a shiny legendary as a reward from my 7 day research. so I had husband click on it, to see if his luck was better. good news: I got a shiny! bad news: it was a shiny Lugia. my 6th. :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


The Lileep has been teasing me for weeks. We live very close to a park. When I would get home and in my jammies, he’d show up in the park.

Saturday, I went for a very long walk in the park. No Lileeps. I get home, he appears on the map Nearby screen. Walk more with my son. No Lileeps. Get home, he appears again in the park.

Woke up and there were 3 in the park. Son of a gun! We went for a walk and BOOM! Finally caught one. Caught two in fact. YAY!


congrats! I managed to catch a bunch by the beach. when I finally caught the last one (after many trips to the beach) I needed to evolve it, a cradily actually popped up. I may have had a few choice words for him.


I hatched a munchlax. shrugs I suck at PoGo.

Let’s Go I’m almost done with my Pokedex. Transferred some low IV eevee’s from PoGo to LG and finished those guys off. Just need the 4 that only evolve when transferred (golem, alakazam, gengar, machamp). I have a few of them I can transfer from PoGo but not all of them.


walked the 50+ km, got a10 km egg from adventure sync AND HATCHED A SHINY SHINX omg!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have not touched my switch in like a week. maybe later this week…

and the munchlax are adorable!




I have another game on my phone that I play constantly (Lineage 2) and then play other stuff when I get a chance. Brother in law got me Super Smash Brothers for Christmas so I’ve been playing that more. Now that I think about it though, my mystery box timer is up today. I’ll probably do a transfer tonight then catch Meltan while playing something on the switch. I just bought Starlink: Battle for Atlas because it’s on sale on the eShop for 50% off. sigh probably another game that will never get finished (RIP BotW).


Completely forgot to transfer for my mystery box last night!

Celebrating wife’s birthday tonight so unlikely to happen tonight. Alexa, remind me…



how did everyone do on community day?

we stayed in the car and drove around because it was too cold to walk. I got 7 shinies on my account and caught 3 for N who refused to come with us.


I got two! It was too cold, but fun going around in the snow. It started out really slow and then the huge clusters showed up around 3. The gyms were struggling though. I’m not sure if it was the servers or the snow but you’d beat the opponent and it wouldn’t acknowledge it.



My son did community day and took my phone. He said I got a bunch of shinies but I don’t remember what.

Then I caught this little guy in our apartment parking lot. Son said he didn’t even know that had a shiny version.


I didn’t get out for community day. Sad panda. Glad to see you all had a productive weekend though!

EDIT: did-not


Get out of what? Jail? The pokey? The big house? Did you kill a man?!!


Typo, should have been “didn’t”.

And it was the house. I didn’t get out of the house for community day. Taken hostage by children.