Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



that guy in our group, who always catches all the shinies? he got one from his first research task. he’s a nice guy and all, but sometimes I hate him.

the tasks were too involved for such a short time period. I didn’t have a plan, and I felt like it was a really poorly organized event. meh.


It felt like an afterthought. I didn’t make plans to go anywhere today because I thought we were going to get that snowstorm. My parents are redoing their bedroom (new bed, new flooring, etc) so I did go out to check on them. Dad has all the wallpaper off and the furniture moved. I spun a tower on the way home and got the “earn a candy with your buddy”. Kinda an odd one for a 3 hour event. I’m walking an evee right now for another research task I’m finally getting to.


there were 4 tasks during the event

earn a candy walking with your buddy (switched to magikarp)
hatch 1 egg
make 10 great throws
make 15 nice throws

nothing you can do quickly and easily. I would drive, spin (my gotcha spins while I drive), pull over, catch, then repeat. stupid for a 3 hour event.


Argh. I’m glad I forgot about it. I swear the game cheats when it asks you to make so many “great” or whatever throws in a row.


thank goodness they didn’t have to be in a row!!! but you had to find places that spawned a bunch of pokemon to get those numbers.


drove to my nearest cluster of pokestops and gyms. today is day 6 of my 7 day streak and I really didn’t want to start over. roads are a slushy mess, so I am done for the day (unless anything good pops up for me here at home or I can convince son to battle lol)


shiny psyduck is live. there are increased psyduck spawns this weekend, so try and catch one while there are lots around. I don’t have one yet, but maybe tomorrow…


We checked dozens with no luck. :frowning:


same here :tired_face:


what a morning!!

my 7 day research breakthrough was a shiny zapdos. 3/4 of my last 7 day rewards have been shiny!

then, I did a groudon raid in the am for son & I. he caught a shiny!! I told him I will probably need to take it from him, but he doesn’t like that idea. after the raid I caught my one and only shiny psyduck!

then I did 4 more groudon raids, and 1 absol raid and still no shiny groudon for me. :sob: :sob: :sob:


and on a sad note, I got an EX raid pass yesterday. it’s for Feb 6. I will be in Florida. sigh I do have a couple of the new deoxys form, and I’d rather be on vacation than be home, but it’s still a little depressing.


0 shiny fat ducks.

Its too cold to look any more.


Well - win several raids with 5 level bosses and the little @$$ won’t stay caught. Is there a trick to catching this little @&&. I’m using the golden raspberry and the special balls but they just won’t stay caught.

MB we will be at the mouse from 2/8 - 2/10 staying at OKW.


kyogre is a HUGE pita to catch. so annoying. I have much better luck with groudon.

I’ve been doing a lot of groudon raids (2 more this am! no shiny!) so if you want I can trade you one.

we are at Saratoga (only option) from 2/5 to 2/12. 2/10 is my bday, love to spend it at Disney! I think I still have your cell number, let me know if you have mine. maybe we can meet up to say hi while you’re there.


Awesome - I think I still have your number. We were considering SSR treehouse Villa and we had some pts expiring and we say a GV open at OKW for 2 nights.

Doing a huge stay. Forgot to bank points with everything and didn’t feel like the hassle of trying to rent so we said what the heck!


did a couple more Groudon raids, but no shiny and now he’s gone. sigh

caught a shiny wingull today. which I don’t need or want. stupid RNG

and working until 6 meant no Palkia today. maybe tomorrow, unless the storm is bad. shouldn’t be too bad, but it will be cold.


I’m done. Level 17.
I hit 300 Pokemons and now my bag is full.
I don’t really have a favorite Pokething.
( :tongue: )


you know you can delete pokemon you don’t want. but I suppose now that mrs. d is retired you don’t need pokemon anymore. lol


I want them all! lol

Yes, I’ve been much busier than usual with Mrs. d home.

*Bonus - I have someone to talk to during the day that doesn’t just sit there and woof.


got Palkia for son and I this morning. always feel better once I have the new guy!!