Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



new pokemon came out last night!!! go go go


Ugh. I’m soooo far behind. I have not been keeping up with my Pokemon at all. I need to find my PokeBall+ and charge it up and start catching again.


Awwwwweeeee look at the adorableness!


I just got that one!

and got this guy last night…


I have two of combee and son’s friend’s account has one. Haven’t seen the other one yet.


I haven’t seen the blue Dino goat bot yet either.


he’s the t-rex pokémon (no goats lol)


Ooh he’s got some baby goat in there lol


Goat boy was at Giant Eagle.


caught the cat at Target

also got this as a task reward… ooh shiny!!!



open & send those gifts!! it’s friendship weekend so you level up 2x as fast!!


I finally got a shiny spring pig!



I’ve clicked on hundreds but no luck.

I did catch a shiny ponyta here in FL, though


I’m not having any luck on that one or the shell or the green worm.


I have 1 caterpie, I think I got 3 or 4 shellders (1 cloister from trade) and today I got a birthday shiny!! not a spoink but my 1st shiny pineco!

and I posted on my raid chat that I have a bunch of carnivines to share. one woman said I could have her 2nd spoink. woo!!


I have more spoinks than I know what to do with! Still no shiny stuff but I’m always looking!


remember everyone! today is community day AND you can earn 10 sinnoh stones. you can get 5 from battling the trainers and 5 from battling other pogo players. I got my 5 from the trainers this morning.


The green dill pigs are plentiful.


I got 12! I had 4 in the first 15 minutes! I wish every community day was this good.


Me too, especially when it’s so cold. It never got above 30 here.