Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



I went to the movies today and checked the gym when I got out- wow that’s a lot of swinubs. Wait, it’s community day! Swinubs are one of my favorite Pokemon. I also got my first palkia at the mall- there were at least 40 people by the fountain waiting for the raid to start.

I need to check here more often so you guys can remind me of events.


Ugh, I’ve fallen out of PoGo. Need to get back in!


dude! you missed community day! and it was a good one, so many shiny swinubs. although you sound like you were too busy this weekend to fit it in. maybe next week!


I was out for a bit but got sucked back in. I need a ditto- gotta remember to use the Pokemon Go Plus while driving.


UGH the new event… like the stupid shiny feebas day that was horrible


I really hope this is better.


I predict that it will stink.

3 hours + research tasks +1 per stop + two evolutions + candy # to evolve ÷ February = stupid idea


So I should forget about it? It’s hard to compete with community days and all those shinys.


If it’s a nice day and you don’t have anything else on I’d try. That’s my plan anyway. I live in a small town and we don’t have that many stops. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it, but hey you never know.


I’d at least go out and spin some stops and get a few tasks. even if you complete them after the time is up you can still get the reward. just don’t make yourself crazy. I got really annoyed on the feebas event, so I am setting my expectations low this time.

we have one guy in our group who always gets every shiny. oh look! first click! first hatch! first research task! I want to punch him.


this weekend is shiny latias weekend! and stupid clampert research day on Sat. luckily I have a ton of raid passes from buying way too many boxes for the incubators while on vacation. hatched hundreds of eggs but still no shiny babies! so I will try this weekend but not expecting much. except heartbreak and anger, lol.


I’m charging my phone as we speak! Except it’s supposed to rain hard this afternoon and the indoor mall only has 1 pokestop. Heartbreak and anger on the way, And wet hair too.


the main street in my town and the city I work in have lots of pokestops. it’s easy to pull over and spin a few. here are the tasks


There is a river flood warning here. I live no where near the river but Pokemon Go is afraid I’ll drown. Do they still restrict pokemon during warnings? I may stay home of they do.


I am not aware of them restricting pokemon, but be safe!

I managed 4 shinies so far. This is much better than the feebas day for me. chilly walking here by the ocean, so we’re warming up with a beer. :wink:


I got one shiny and my first Latias! My fingernails are blue.


It stopped giving me research tasks- did I hit a limit?


Someone explained that I needed to hit different Pokestops. Now I know.

There was this 6 or 7 year old kid that didn’t catch the first latias and I met him at the next raid. He got a shiny! I was so excited for him!


yeah, each day a pokestop will give one task. if you complete that task you won’t get another task from that stop until they reset (midnight or event end).

so somehow I have 3, not 4. but N, who stayed home while we played for him, got 5. he had 3 in a row. sigh

thank goodness I got one of each of the random evolutions


Did everyone get smeargle? He’s cute.


I have not gotten one yet. I also have been slacking on my PoGo playing.