Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)


Whoa! Nice!

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congrats @sammydog01 :smiley:

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oh boy! another event! more shinies I’ll never catch!


We’re driving south for spring break and I caught a carnivine! They seem to be common- any one need one?


I caught a ton at Disney World. got some heracross and corsolas, too! have fun

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0 shiny machops
0 shiny primeapes

but so far got 2 more shiny makuhitas. I already had 2, so really didn’t need these. sigh


I haven’t seen any shiny either. But I went to catch a machop and there was a rainbow. It made my day.


I’ve been playing practically every waking hour of this damn event. do I have a shiny machop or mankey? no.

logged in as son for 1/2 hour to open/send gifts. caught a shiny machop. :woman_facepalming:

BUT on the happy side, a pokemon friend traded me one of his extra shiny latias, since I didn’t get one. he offered me a possible shiny groudon as well. I’ve given him some of the rare/good stuff I got in Japan and at Pokemon Go Fest. always good to be friendly!


couldn’t raid Fri or Sat since we were away. I’m available for a few hours today and of course no rayquaza nearby. I have to drive son to the airport this afternoon, fingers crossed I can get one in before then!!


Well, did you get one?


I did! managed to do 4 raids and caught all 4. brought husband’s phone and did 2 for son as well, and caught them, too. turned out to be a good day for me for raiding!



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very excited to see that one of the rayquaza raids from sunday triggered EX raid passes for son and I. I have an EX raid today, too, but I believe next week will be a different deoxys form. WOO HOO!


anyone got a shiny solrock? I caught dozens today but no luck here.

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how did community day go for everyone?

I ended up with 10 shiny treecko, way more than expected. took me like 45 minutes to get the 3rd one but they came a lot faster towards the end.

we walked around Salem which is nice but will be so much nicer when it’s finally spring.

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I almost forgot about it. I did catch one but I was only able to play about 10 minutes.

The weather or something is really messing with the stops here. You can try spinning one for a few minutes and it won’t work. Then after you leave it’ll show where it did payout. The discs are showing the wrong locations too. It’s too cold to deal with it. We need some kind of update because it’s not exciting. It’s a pain to deal with storage too.

Too addicted to quit tho.


I check every solrock but no shinies. I did pick up 2 shiny treekos though.

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We went out for the full 3 hours. I caught 10 shiny treekos. Son caught 20!!

No shiny Solrocks for us.


talked husband into a long weekend in Edmonton to catch some pachirisu. good thing he is used to my craziness and likes to travel. :kissing_heart: I have trades lined up for all kinds of good stuff and those pachirisu will be like GOLD back in Boston. not many people have them. I hope to get the rest of the unown I’m missing and will definitely be able to get any shiny I want, too. :heart_eyes:


Lol too funny. I love that you can do that. Pokemon are free souvenirs.