Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



wait, dave, are you serious? you are playing pokemon go now?!?


you need to spin more stops.

I love my gotcha.

I wear it at work. my pharmacy is in a plaza with a Whole Foods. during my 6 hour shift today I caught 150 pokemon with my gotcha. hatched like 3-4 eggs. and if you drive around slowly (under 30) on your way to/from work (I do because of traffic, stop signs and lights) it will spin all the stops for you.

I rarely run out of balls.

I only use the ultra balls and great balls, I save the regular balls for my gotcha. they go fast when I’m at work. I have my curve ball down, but if you don’t practice/play a lot it can be tricky.


I was. Until a saw a video above on the “Basics”.


eh, you don’t need no stinking video. you don’t have to worry much about raids or battling or leveling up. just have fun spinning and catching for a while!


Added @cwolfpack3 and @tufdaawg to the top post.

cwp - What team are you on? (Blue, Yellow, Red)

tufdaawg - What’s your PoGo name and team?

@daveinwarshington - Don’t worry about the video. You keep doing what you’re doing. When you’re ready to do more, ask, and we’ll help.

I will say that you should absolutely friend us all in game though. We can send gifts to you that give you items and help you level up (which also gives you items). Items include pokeballs so hopefully we can keep you stocked.

The absolute basics you need to know?

  • Catch Pokemon (you’ve got this down)

  • Spin stops/gyms for more items
    – Stops are the blue flag poles in the game.
    — Walk close to one, tap on it, then spin the circle.
    — It should turn purple and you should get items.
    — 5 minute cool down between spins
    – Gyms are the big cones with pokemon on top and are Blue, Red, or Yellow
    — Color indicates who currently owns the gym.
    — Walk close to one, tap on it.
    — This shows you what pokemon are in the gym (not important until you start fighting).
    — Tap the PokeStop icon in the bottom right (brings up the spin screen).
    — Spin the circle, get items.

  • Catch more Pokemon

That is the absolute basic. Spin stops for more pokeballs, catch pokemon.

For the friends part:

  • Click on your avatar in the bottom left.
  • Tap “Friends” on the top right.
  • Tap “Add Friend” on the top middle.
  • Type in our trainer codes from the first post.
  • We’ll all get messages to add you as friends.

When you’re ready for more, ask. We’ll be more than happy to help.


@daveinwarshington While you’re on the add friend screen, add your friend code here. That way other wooters can add you and send you more gifts.



There is only one color choice for this all blue Nittany Lion!




Full disclosure, I have undergrad degrees from both institutions but Pitt will always be my alma mater.


A busy Pokeday.
I went uptown to buy a taco (it is Tuesday ya know).
Seems like that’s where all the Pokethings go.
I went from 4 to 28 of those suckers.
Also when I saw a big tent, it did crazy stuff.
I got stuff & it wanted me to join groups or something.
I got the heck out of there.
Also, another tent nearby also had monsters that ate some of my rotten bananas.
It’s all so confusing…
I may have no idea what I’m doing, but it was kinda fun.


oh! you probably have not chosen a team yet. be sure to choose BLUE!!


Go Team Mystic! Yay for BLUE!


I remember seeing someone mention Mystic.
I did that one.


lookit what I got today!!


I had a friend who I traded a couple unowns to go to Machu Pichu. he brought me back a chatot!


remember the ABC’s of pokemon go




woo hoo!! got another EX raid invite today!!


What I learned today:
There are ‘Stops’ you’re supposed to spin the thingy on top.
Found that on accident. Got to 3 stops.
Got lots of pokethings, Fish, toads, rhinos, 14 things.
Some are tricky. They jump or bat the ball away.
Very educational day… lol


Congrats! Still waiting for my first.


@daveinwarshington did you choose a team color?