Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



he chose Team Mystic! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


beat the elite 4 and “finished” Let’s Go Eevee. caught a zapdos and a level 4 dragonite, lol. still lots to catch out there!


Another busy Poke day. Walked uptown along the waterfront.
Goodness, tons of those ‘stops’ there! Went to 23 I think.
Caught lots of Poke-things.
The cluster of eggs and a damn bat gave me grief…
I’m level 9, and ignored two invites to raids. Still no idea what that is.
It’s making me walk more though…


it definitely makes me want to get out and walk more!
especially in areas with lots of pokemon and stops.

today I did an alolan marowak raid with a friend because I was still on the catch a cubone stage of the meltan quest. I managed to save a ditto task reward for son and an aerodactyl reward for both of us for this stupid damn quest.


Oh, I suddenly see I have 9 ‘eggs’.
Need to Google that.


Hey! I have 9 eggs too but that’s because my son tripped when carrying in the groceries and broke 3 eggs in the carton.


if you click on one, you should be able to “incubate” it. they are different colors based on the distance you need to walk in order to hatch them. you are given 1 free incubator.

you can get 2km, 5km and 10km eggs from stops and gyms. the 7km eggs come from gifts from friends.


Maybe I’ll have Wooster oversee these eggs…



Hmmm… I’d have to walk 46 km (whatever that is, but it sounds like a long way) to hatch them all!


you can buy incubators with poke coins (you can earn them or use real money lol) and hatch several eggs simultaneously. but for you, just throw one and a time in. most of the stuff I hatch is crap anyway.


Are we starting with infographics… because if we are I can start flooding us with the ones I get from some of my FB/Discord Groups.


Just tap one, tap incubate, select the orange case and you’re good.

If you have more than just the orange one (blue or purple), only put 2km in the orange one. The orange one has unlimited uses and you get the most bang for your buck.

The blue is limited use(s) and the purple is limited uses but lowers the amount you have to walk. Use your 5km, 7km and 10km eggs in the blue and purple.


  • 2km eggs (common pokemon) in orange only
  • 5km eggs (less common pokemon) in orange, blue, purple
  • 7km eggs (alola pokemon) in orange, blue, purple
  • 10km eggs (rare pokemon) in orange, blue, purple


Nice egg chart! Handy resource, thanks for share!


no! lol

I don’t even know if that list is updated. just used it as an example for dave so he’d see the different kinds of eggs.




maybe some?


haha, I can do that. I’ll poke through them and get some of the basic ones. Maybe I can add them to the first post? Or link to an IMGR or some album for reference?


I still have no idea what some of the stuff mentioned is, but I’ll stick a 2 egg in a orange or whatever incubator I can find.

20 degrees out right now. Pokemons are all frozen in place I think.

Thanks everyone for helping me with this game!!

Edit: I figured it out, I have 2 incubators, using them both.
Walked partly around the block, got 1 acorn thing. 1.1km.
I had the wrong shoes on (my workboots) & my heel started to hurt.
Good enough for today…


New thought. Do we want to add to this thread a list of Friend Codes for Nintendo Switches as well? How much do we all want to be connected…