Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



I am so out of the loop I didn’t even know my switch had a friend code! lol

restaurant where we had dinner (son worked late and it was easier to eat out) was a gym, so we did a raid then took the gym. the drift at work is so good it thinks I’ve walked 11 km today. caught almost 200 pokemon but nothing shiny or great.


The friend codes is a huge gripe i have with Nintendo. They do it to protect kids but it’s a real pain in the butt for anyone else who play different games with different people. “I need your friend code for this system, and this system. Oh, let’s play multiplayer for this game. What’s your friend code for that one?”

Ugh, I am slacking in my catching. I have a hard time keeping Red Pokeballs in my bag and I generally use my PokeBall Plus to catch. It only uses the red ones. Nice drift for you though! HATCH ALL THE EGGS!!

Also, this came out on twitter yesterday



the gotcha also uses only red pokeballs. I have to stock up before work. I find that the parking lot at work spawns a ton of crap all the time. every time I think about quitting I think about the sweet pokemon set up I have, lol.

I did see the tweet, but still got another day or two before my next meltan box. almost done with the damn task. so glad I saved a ditto and an aerodactyl from the quests for son & I.


I wish I had something close to my office. My commute is so short too that I don’t have a good way of stocking up on stuff. There are 2 stops I pass but then I’m the guy driving 28 MPH in a 35 MPH hoping that my spin will work…

I have bought pokeballs for times I know I’m going to be catching a lot (trips to amusement parks, bigger cities, etc.) but I only do that when I have credits on my Google Play account. I’ve depleted that this year but I’m hoping to get more this Christmas.

Pro-Tip: If you have an Android phone, download Google Opinion Rewards. They send you surveys and give you Google Play credits for responses. Varies from $0.10 - $1.00 depending on the survey. I’ve accumulated $100+ over the last couple of years which both sounds awesome and daunting all at the same time.

I’m dreading finishing the quests. I did not save any dittos or aerodactyl. I was so excited to get an aerodactyl during that last event. That was the last pokemon from the original 151 that I needed to complete my set. I have everything else already caught or ready to evolve. Yay for completion. Boo for not planning ahead!

Can you stack the mystery boxes? I did my transfer last week but haven’t found 30 minutes to open the box and actually catch some Meltan. I’m wondering if I have to wait 7 days after opening or if I can get another mystery box 7 days after I got the last one. I guess I’ve already waited 6 days to open, I might as well wait 1 more for science…

  1. no, you cannot stack mystery boxes. you have to wait 7 days after using it to be able to open it again

  2. I have a couple specific routes I drive daily, with my gotcha set to spin only, to stock up on pokeballs. walking/driving in Boston is the easiest way to stock up, but I am not in there every week.

  3. I have an iPhone, but I have heard good things from friends about the google rewards thing you mentioned.

  4. I am sort of more of a gung ho obsessed pogo player. I had a completed dex before they added gen 4. I have 19/26 unowns. I am still waiting for a damn riolu. maybe I can hit 50 km this week if I drift another 11 km on my next work shift. (TLDR I have a pokemon go problem)


It sounds like you’re a bit more gung ho than I am. I love it. If I could convince my wife to get into it I think we could make it a family thing with the kids but we’re busy enough as it is.


I had an egg hatch.
My first Poke-egg.
I’m so proud.
It was a little monster thing.




So anyone playing lets go on the switch. I’ve done some random trades but I need the exclusives. I have evee. So I need the pikachu… Which if you say it fast is peek at you.


I’ve been having friends who don’t have a switch trade me shinies or pokemon that are not in my game or just haven’t caught yet so they can get a meltan box.


yeah, I have over 53 million xp. it takes 20 million to get to level 40. and I’m not even close to gung ho compared to a bunch of people in my group.

my kids got me into it, then they lost interest but I was hooked… lol


I don’t use go and none of my friends have it. I’m friends with a bunch of old people.


hahahaha I’m old and I play :wink:


But young at heart :wink:


I have Let’s Go Pikachu so I’m definitely down for trading some Eevees and Peek at You’s and other exclusives. I think I sent myself most of the exclusives from Go but I’m more than willing to help you out.

Now to find my Switch friend code…


I’m late to the party, but reading thru Dave’s Pokemon go adventures has made my day. We need to make Wooster a gym.


Pokadventures for today.
Dumping rain.
Had to go uptown, I threw balls at tons of those Pokemons!
I see you get more points for getting them in 1 throw, so I do that.
Found out some dude appraises your monsters.
My MagiKarp I got today is amazing wonder or something. Super-fish.
I have 152 Pokethings and level 12.
Uhhh… That’s about it.


level 12 already! congrats dave. if you feel ready, you can try to perfect your curve ball. you get more points for those, too.


Yes. Wooster could use a gym.
He’s been gaining weight lately.


Oh great. Something else.

I get points for ‘good throw’ and ‘first throw’. I’ll need to research the curve balls.