Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



Curve ball = swirl your finger on the ball to make it spin. Then throw it to the side of your screen and it will ‘curve’ over and smack the critter on top of its head. Or you’ll totally miss. They take practice and dumb luck. BUT the catch rate is better, so if you make it you might not have to use more balls.

I name my pokemon by randomly swiping letters and picking the first name it gives me. Except for Kevin. Kevin is a purple stink ball because um, reasons.


Pokemon Update from Last Night:

  • Let’s Go Pikachu
    – Finished the last gym, ready for elite 4
    – Went back and caught Zapdos
    – Was shiny magikarp/dratini hunting by the power plant. Caught a dragonair. Really want the other two.

  • PoGo
    – Opened mystery box and caught a bunch of meltan (that thing is tiny)
    – Finished some quests from home (evolving)
    – Realized I still need kangaskas to finish Kanto (bleh)


Advanced throwing:

  • Tap and hold the ball

  • The Catch Circle appears that will start out big and get smaller, then reset

  • Catch Circle Color Indicates difficulty of catching
    a) Green: Easy
    b) Yellow: Medium
    c) Red: Hard
    d) Can use berries or different types of pokeballs to make it easier to catch a pokemon

  • Catch Circle Size - the smaller the size, the higher chance of catching - your pokeball has to hit within the circle
    a) Full Circle: Nice!
    b) Half Size: Great!
    c) Smaller Size: Excellent!
    d) Can still catch a pokemon even if you don’t hit the circle, just no bonus for hitting outside the circle

  • Curveballs - increase chance of catching - stacks with catch circle bonus
    a) Tap and Hold Ball
    b) Swipe in small circles until ball is spinning and sparkling
    c) Throw ball towards the left/right depending on your clockwise/counterclockwise spin
    d) I think of it like a bowling ball going down the alley
    e) Faster spin = More curve

This concludes today’s lesson. Happy hunting!


yeah, those meltans are teeny tiny and spawn right under your feet.

I think I can get another box tonight. glad they increased it from 10 spawns to 20.

I need to get back to my switch. haven’t played in a few days. this week is too busy.

got my next ex raid tomorrow am, then we head out to Albany to pick up my youngest at college.

didn’t get in a raid yesterday, so really need to squeeze one in today.


I have a hard time getting out to raids/gym fights which sucks for quests. If it’s just me and the kids I can sometimes convince them to watch me play. Best case scenario they fall asleep in the car and I go raiding places I can drive up to.


we have quite a few people in our group like you. they have to bring the kids (or they’re asleep in the car). easier in the warmer weather because they can run around outside.


My Pokedude has hit a snag.
The thingy says his bag is full.
Full of what?
:poop::poop: I can only guess… :poop::poop:

Oh well. I did hit a few more monsters that I’ve never hit before.
YAY! :fairy::genie::tongue:


I’m shiny hunting nindoran male in go. I’ve beat the game.


This can be two different things:

Today’s Pokemon Go Lesson: Storage - Pokemon and Items

Basics for Both:

  • Limited storage for Pokemon and Items
  • Can be upgraded in the store by using coins
  • Get coins by buying with $$ or by defending gyms (we haven’t gone over that yet)

Pokemon Storage:

  • When you fill up on Pokemon you cannot catch anymore
  • Extra Pokemon you do not want to keep can be “transferred” - transferred Pokemon are gone forever
  • When transferring a Pokemon you get “candies” that are related to that Pokemon
  • Candies can be used to power up or evolve your Pokemon (lesson for the future)
  • Two Way to Transfer
  1. Individual Transfer
    a) Tap on a Pokemon in your list
    b) Tap on menu in bottom right
    c) Select transfer

  2. Mass Transfer
    a) From the Pokemon list, Press and Hold on a Pokemon you want to transfer
    b) When highlighted you can select other Pokemon you want to transfer by tapping on them
    c) When done selecting Pokemon for transfer, press the Transfer button


Item Storage:

  • When your item storage is full you will not be able to spin stops for more items
  • You can free up item storage in 2 ways
  1. Use Items
    a) Use your items…
    b) Pokeballs count toward item counts
    c) Incense will increase the number of Pokemon that show up while you’re playing for 30 mins
    d) Lucky Egg doubles any XP you gain for 30 mins
    e) Some items are needed for evolution

  2. Throw away item
    a) Items you don’t use or have a lot of can be discarded to free up space (if you have 50+ Nabnab berries, I’d get rid of some of those)
    b) Open your bag
    c) Find the item you want to discard
    d) Tap the trash can icon next to the item description
    e) Select how many you want to discard

That concludes today’s lesson. If you have any questions, please ask.


I maybe understand…
I looked & have lots of items & Pokemons.

Can I just give them to someone & start over or something?

The gym thing… A bunch of Pokepeople stand there fighting their monsters against each other?

I dunno… I’m at level 13 or 14 & think I’m good for a while… Thank you for putting up with me!


Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2936 3531 3991!


Mixed answer on this one.

  • You can trade Pokemon with friends in game but there are stipulations/rules (another lesson another day) and you still end up with a Pokemon so it doesn’t help with clearing inventory.

  • No way to send specific items to friends from your bag. You can send the Gifts to people in your friend list which can help clear up space and gives goodies to your friends (another lesson for another day).

Basics (prior to a full lesson).

  • There three different teams (Blue, Red, Yellow).
  • A gym can be held by any one team by putting Pokemon in them to Defend.
  • The other two teams can go to those gyms and fight the defenders to take over a gym. Then they can place defenders.
  • You do not have to be present to defend.

No problem! I like teaching and Pokemon so teaching Pokemon is extra fun!


I’ll add you to the list in the First Post. What’s your PoGo name and team?


Team Valor. The name is the greatestmanthat. Wouldn’t let me fit the greatest man that ever lived =w=


I think you might be our first Valor.

There’s always one…

Who’s going to be the first loser Instinct?


I noticed that. Didn’t know if it was going to be a mystic only list and I’d get denied :no_good_man:


Nope. No exclusions here. We’re all wooters and that’s all that matters.

Although if a non-wooter came along I probably wouldn’t exclude them either. But if they posted then they would have to be a wooter so that’s all moot.


OK. I figured something out again:
I pitched out a poop-load of stuff.
Potions, revives, other stuff.
Now, I can get more little balls to throw at the monsters again!

Another thing I figured out:
I actually am not out of balls to throw at things!
There’s a whole bunch of blue ones!
I can also throw rotten bananas & berries at the monsters to distract them thile I nail them on the head with my stash of blue balls.

Hmmm… that sounded weird…


the raspberries make the monsters easier to catch
the bananas make the monsters stop jumping so much
the pineapples give you extra candy when you catch the monsters


That was also today’s lesson because I didn’t get into one today. Berry Basics!