Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



I’m doing a meltan box as I type. sure hope I get closer to 20 today!!

ETA: 19! up to 276 meltan candy!


Also, I let off some Poke-perfume (to get rid of it) & got surrounded by 20 Pokemons at least! shit!


Yeah that poke perfume is like axe body spray to hormonal teenagers. The eggs you can’t hatch give you double xp for 30 minutes. That means you can level up faster.


headed out for a raid this am. I did 1 today. lugia

got my 5th shiny lugia.

can’t get a shiny pineco or a million other things to save my life, but phew! another shiny lugia! great!


I think I have 5 shinies in total. If we ever cross paths IRL I need to make some trades with you…


Pokemon Weekend Update:

Yesterday was playing Let’s Go in the car on the way to Sesame Place (thanks, father in law for driving) and then had my Pokeball Plus all day at Sesame Place. Not a ton of stops but enough to fill my bag, thanks autocatch.

Let’'s Go

  • As soon as I started up the game I was still in the spot I was magikarp/dratini hunting
  • Dratini spawned immediately and I caught him - Score!
  • Spent some time today looking for abra, my favorite pokemon - had to look up info on catching (so defeated) - apparently he will only spawn if you’re still or slowly moving. He runs away if you’re running around or straight at him. Managed to catch one.
  • Got to the cave at the end of victory road and forgot I had a bunch of mons I was trying to level. Had to run out. Quit after that


  • Caught and hatched a ton of Pokemon while at Sesame Place. Nothing special from the eggs, need to go through all the other mons.
  • Went with nearly no pokeballs and managed to fill my bag up thanks to the autospin from Pokeball Plus
  • 4 days before I can do another mystery box

All of you Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee players. I (we) need to setup trades for final evolutions for some Pokemon. I have a few ready to go that I’d like to trade and then trade back (lvl 72 graveler I’m looking at you). I haven’t done any trades via Let’s Go yet so I’ll look into the process and post with what we’ll need to do.

That being said, I’ll post this question again. Do we want to start a Nintendo Switch Friend Code directory for us wooters? Let me know what you guys thinks and I’ll add it to the first post.

Happy hunting!

Edit: spelling because I was typing this in the dark while putting the twins to bed. They’re 4 tomorrow!


Quick search on the internet found the following information:

Pokemon that need to be traded to evolve:

  • Kadabra -> Alakazam
  • Machoke -> Machamp
  • Gravelar -> Golem (reg/Alolan)
  • Haunter -> Gengar

(Of course they’re some of my favorites)

Trading between two copies of Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Local Trade - Need to be on the same WiFi
  2. Global Trade - Both players must have Nintendo Switch Online Accounts

No need for Switch Friend Codes although I’m still open to trade codes with people if they want. I have an online account for my Switch so if someone wants to work with me to setup trades and trade backs for the mons listed above please let me know. I need to level up and upgrade my abra and a better haunter first but I have an Alolan Graveler and Machoke ready to go. I have a regular Graveler too but I’m not as excited about that guy as I am about the Alolan that I’ve been carting around with me.

I’m happy to help with evolution trades or any exclusives you guys might need if you have LGEevee (I have LGPikachu). Let me know what you want and I can find one for you if I don’t already have it (I have a TON of growlithe from attempting shiny hunting, no shiny of course).


I only have PoGo, not the others, since (I think) they are on different platforms … ones I that do not have. It’s interesting all the same to hear about how they interact and about the differences in the games.

Meanwhile, I saw this on FB today and it’s so true!


Also, when I have a few days in a row like I just had, it’s frustrating to not be able to get out and spin a few Pokéstops. My progress on some of the challenges is poor, as a result. I don’t think I’ll ever get a Meltan. Or Mew.

(If you’re familiar with “spoon theory”, I ran out of spoons on Wednesday or Thursday and had to take time off, lie low, and replenish the supply.)

Hope to get out again tomorrow.


Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee are on Nintendo Switch. Thanks for playing along though! It’s been nice chatting about Pokemon in general.

All I could think of was this

Sorry about your spoons though. We all need to remember to recharge.

Morning update

  • Finished the Celebi quest on my way to work - Why in the world did they make that AR required with no berries or other pokeballs??
  • Still need to finish Mew and Meltan
  • Finished Research Breakthrough and get another Entei.


I’ve been enjoying battling with son. I usually win, which is a big surprise, lol.

I have been neglecting my switch lately. did back to back ho-oh raids yesterday (no shinies) and opened switch to trade with a friend so he could get meltan boxes, then shut it right off. maybe after Christmas I can play more.

I am open to switch trading, not sure how we’d get the time coordinated.


That would be the difficult part. Luckily we’re in the same time zone. We’d just have to plan ahead of time. This is all assuming you also have a Nintendo Switch Online Account (paid service, not the free one).

I also had the realization that I could just transfer those specific Pokemon from PoGo which I think I’ll keep in my back pocket for last resort.

The only 2 pokemon I can’t catch in the game are omanyte (picked kabuto on Mt. Moon) and hitmonlee (picked hitmonchan at fighting gym). Omanyte shouldn’t be a problem to get in PoGo and transfer. Hitmonlee will be the hard one. I have one in PoGo. It’s not the strongest thing and I’m not really doing anything with it. Just need to decide if I want to keep it in PoGo or complete the pokedex in LG.

As for everything else, I can catch/evolve or have some saved in PoGo to transfer for LGP/LGE exclusives.

My plan for LGP:

  • Catch Moltres on the way to Elite Four
  • Level/Evolve Dratini (already Dragonair) and Abra
  • Beat Elite Four
  • Catch Mr. Mime
  • Catch Kangaskhan

We’ll see how long that takes. After that, it’s catching/evolving/trading to complete the Pokedex. Then serious shiny hunting if my attention span lasts.


I need Revives badly. I was a TON of gyms last week when we did some pokemoning. Now I have a bunch of dead pokemon. LOL


spin spin spin!!!


haha! We walked through downtown Fort Worth this weekend spinning tons of stuff. I got 2 Revives.



Uhhh… and I’m just gonna keep throwing balls at monsters.
I don’t think I have Go or LetGo.
Just normal Pokemons.


You have Pokemon Go, aka PoGo. Mobile game that’s tons of fun.

Almost all of the other games in the series require a gaming console of some sort. Let’s Go is for Nintendo Switch and is the newest game from Pokemon.

But back to PoGo. @daveinwarshington, have you added any of us in Pokemon Go as friends? If you do, we can send you presents with items and XP.

Today’s Lesson: Pokemon Go, Friends!

Having friends in Pokemon Go allows you to send gifts (packed with items and XP!), trade Pokemon (because it’s hard to catch them all by yourself) and battle (this is still new)!


  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom left
  • Tap Friends in the top right (number below friends shows how many you have)
  • Tap Add Friend
  • Your Trainer Code: Give this to people so they can add you (add it here and I will add you to the list)
  • Add Friend: Enter someone else’s trainer code to add them as a friend (Wooter list in first post)
  • Add Facebook Friends (connect PoGo to FB and get more friends!)
  • QR Code allows you to scan someone else’s code so you don’t have to type in numbers
  • You can also get your own QR Code here to post for others to scan

Once you have friends, they’ll show up in your friend list:

  • What’s up with those hearts?
    a) Hearts show what level friendship you are with someone
    • 0 Hearts = On each others friends list - No Bonuses
    • 1 Heart = Good Friends
      • How to Gain: 1 gift sent and received between friends
      • Bonus: Can trade Pokemon (no legendary Pokemon)
    • 2 Hearts = Great Friends
      • How to Gain: 6 total days of gifts sent and received
      • Bonus:
        • Can trade Pokemon
        • +1 Discount on Stardust needed for Trading
        • Gym/Raid Battle Bonuses (another lesson)
          • +1 Attack Bonus
          • +1 Extra Premier Ball for Raids (another lesson)
    • 3 Hearts = Ultra Friends
      • How to Gain: 29 total days of gifts sent and received
      • Bonuses:
        • Can trade Pokemon
        • +2 Discount on Stardust needed for Trading
        • Gym/Raid Battle Bonuses (another lesson)
          • +2 Attack Bonus
          • +2 Extra Premier Ball for Raids (another lesson)
    • 4 Hearts = Best Friends
      • How to Gain: 89 total days of gifts sent and received
      • Bonuses:
        • Can trade Pokemon
        • +3 Discount on Stardust needed for Trading
        • Gym/Raid Battle Bonuses (another lesson)
          • +3 Attack Bonus
          • +4 Extra Premier Ball for Raids (another lesson)


  • Get gifts by spinning PokeStops
    • Max number of gifts you can hold in your bag is 10
    • Send gifts to open up room for more gifts
    • Who doesn’t like gifts??
  • Receiving:
    • Friends who have sent you gift will show on your friends list with a gift (Pink/Yellow Pyramid) listed next to them
    • Tap the friend, then tap the gift to open
    • Gifts contain items, eggs, and XP
    • You may receive 1 gift per friend per day
    • Maximum number of gifts you can receive in 1 day is 20
  • Sending:
    • Tap a friend on the list
    • If you have a gift that you are able to send the “Send Gift” icon in the bottom left will be Pink/Yellow
    • Limit one gift sent per friend per day
    • You cannot send another gift until your friend has opened the last gift
    • Max number of gifts you can send in 1 day is 20

Battle and Trading will be covered later.

If you haven’t posted your friend code to be added to the first post, feel free to do so. If you don’t want your code public then please add people from the list in the first post.

This concludes today’s lesson.

Happy Catching!


I wish we had the ability to trade or gift items. I am constantly discarding revives and potions to make room for gifts.


It would be nice. I have 30+ Max Potions, 20+ Revives, and 30+ Max Revives. I guess really I need to get out and raid more…


My son says that just about every day. I’m swimming in balls right now so I delete red ones about 15 at a time to make room.