Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



Mine also say I have X10 Gifts.

Is this something I can give away that is good, or just delete them?


If you go to your friends list (click your avatar in the lower left), you can give gifts to your friends and they’ll give gifts to you that you can open. You’ll receive items you can use and it ups your HP as well. Gifts are good.


hey! today is the first day of the free incubators! you get a 1 use incubator at your first spin of the day. woo hoo!


The first spin means at a ‘stop’? (like Starbucks)





I didn’t get one! :sob:


I should have been more specific.

first stop of the day, but it started today and 10 am eastern time. so your first spin of the day has to be after that.


Oooooooooooh, tomorrow then. YAY!


I thought you said Woot HQ was a stop. Just spin it and you should get one.


It’s a gym but I did a stop spin on the way into work so I’ve had my first spin for the day already.


You can spin gyms too! Open the gym and on the bottom right there should be a stop icon to spin!


Oh, I spin the woot gym all day but no incubator for me today. sniff


Niantic seems to roll things out in waves. I tend to get features later than my son so it’s possible I have received it yet.


This is very true.


Omg loooook it’s a girl pikachu with a Santa hat. That was so cooool 3 years ago.


He just showed up here at Woot too. Gotcha.


Make sure the app is updated. But I know what you mean, I often see features roll out later here than in bigger cities.


I wish they had one with an elf hat or antlers.


you only get it for your first spin of the day and it started at 10 am eastern. so if you already spun at 7 am, you have to wait until tomorrow.


I haven’t gotten my coins today. Kicked out of 3 gyms. The last one said my 50 coin limit had been reached. My shop still says 0 coins. :frowning:

And I’ve tried resetting the app. :angry: