Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



Boooo. Sounds like a ticket to Niantic.


are you sure they weren’t kicked out just before midnight?


so the pokemon event started the same day as my son’s terrible car accident. so not much pokemoning yesterday.

managed to find a couple raids after work and snagged this guy

did the 2 raids for N as well, and of course caught both of his but only 1 of mine


shiny update: no new ones :frowning:


caught 2 new pokemon today!

this one was from a map run by a friend, 98iv

and this one I stumbled on by the ocean in Salem


Yesterday, while sitting in the basement with Beer & a Record, I let off a Poke-perfume bomb.
Got three of those things while sitting there.
A pokechew wearing a Santa hat, a Jinx lady that looks scary & a Hounddog. yay!


Yeah, I was stupid. I got 50 coins right after midnight so got confused with later gym boots.

I has stupid.


I’m just trying to figure out how to trade and get special shit to evolve my Pokémon!

I need one more bunny thing to evolve it and I need some special stone thing to evolve the snow cat sneasel thing.


My son does the trading for us. You have to be in range of the person you want to trade with.


that finneon reminds me a bit of farfetched … interesting!


Alternately, (and this is not me) I’ve known of trainers who exchanged log in information, signed in with a second device, and made trades without having to be in the same location.


to get the stone you can battle other trainers. if you have an account and Abs has an account you can battle her. I’ve been battling N mostly. or you can battle one of the team trainers once a day. you don’t need to trade for it.


but I do my 4 battles a day and don’t always get a sinnoh stone. usually I beat N and he gets the stone anyway. sigh.


Delibird is throwing a kiss. Son says he’s the Santa Claus character.


he throws presents, look at his attacks. he totally is the santa!


Pokemon Update:

PoGo: Nothing special. Haven’t been able to play too much. Need to open my mystery box.

Let’s Go:

  • Caught Moltres - All Birds Caught
  • Was grinding before Elite Four to level up Dragonair to evolve and then remembered I have a million Rare Candy (well, 100+).
  • While grinding caught a Hitmonchan (Yes!) but I need a Hitmonlee (d’oh)
  • Beat the Elite Four (essentially two manned with Dragonite and Charizard)
  • Caught Mewtwo - This guy was the worst. Had to use Master Ball on him.
  • Plans for the future:
    • Catch Them All (duh)
    • Need to transfer a bunch of Eevees from PoGo for those 4
    • Need to do trades for trade evolutions (unless I just transfer from PoGo)
    • Will have to try to grind out Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, and Hitmonchan
    • Have a few I need to throw stones at to evolve but otherwise I think I’m pretty set

This might be the first Pokemon game where I actually catch them all. Yay!


I have not played Let’s Go except to get another Meltan box. finally had enough candy to evolve Melmetal in pogo.

caught a couple new pokemon and hatched a couple cute babies.

with only 1 car & all the holiday stuff I have not been able to play much this week.


merry christmas! happy holidays!



the event ends at 4 pm Eastern today

eggs put in incubators before then will hatch in 1/2 the distance. use all those free incubators you’ve been getting and be sure to get as many eggs started before the event is over!!


You mean an hour ago? Oops. I kind of slacked off of Pokemon Go during December. I need to get going again this month.