Poker Game

Somebody call in the poker-playing dogs to mediate.

If I don’t stop drawing to these inside straights, they’ll never let me be Captain!

Besides infringement, I dont get it.
Its a trap, yes. “Noooo” is not a meme.
Facepalm, yeah. Aces? Do I need to be a picard/trek fan to “get it”?


wait no


That ace is a black diamond! Never seen that before!

Wow, congrats stardamsel! A really amazing blend of characters and memes:)

Things have just not been going well for Ackbar lately:

YES! Instant buy!

Can’t read Vader’s Pokerface Po-Po-Pokerface.

I guess this settles the whole “Star Wars v Star Trek” debate.

Yeah, I was wondering if I missed something as well, seeing as I neither watch Star Trek, nor play poker.

For some reason I completely forgot today was Friday so I was really confused when I saw a derby shirt. Brain fart. I’m okay now, though, I promise.


How does Darth Vader even drink that coke bottle thingy?!

I can’t believe this actually won. Epic. In for one. Also, awesome that the artist is also from Slidell, LA (like me). What are the odds?

Really, he had 3 aces and a king… we just couldn’t get Jean Luc to see reason:


There… are… FOUR… lights!](

Star Wars + Star Trek = universally irresistible to voters. Mind you, I’m a Trek Classic type myself.

Is this the episode where they go in to a time-loop playing poker and DataVader has to send a message to himself through the time vortex to alert the crew that they’re in a time loop?

Wow…did not think this was going to garner first place. I thought for sure that “Recycle Your Memes” would have taken the top spot in this derby, easily. Congrats.



It’s a Trap!