Polar Express 'G' Gauge Train Set

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Polar Express ‘G’ Gauge Train Set
Price: $89.99
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Condition: New


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My mother wants a train for around the Christmas tree again these plastic G scale trains are junk and i cant find a moderate priced HO scale one. she had HO around the tree for years… And one of my ex-GFs loved N scale, but its to small for that. I’ll keep an eye out…

these are pretty crappy trains. I would pass on these.

Speaking as someone just getting into hobby trains (N, HO scale) the Lionel brand is pretty good.
You’re paying a bit for the name, but with this discount, it’s not a bad train, especially for kids.

I’ve been thinking about getting the O-scale die-cast model (Which is $280-320, depending on model) and thought I might save some cash this year getting G instead. This sale is really pushing me in that direction.

My only concern is that the motor noise will overwhelm the speaker playing the steam engine noises.
It’s also not quite as nice in a darkened room without lit passenger cars, but you could try fixing that yourself if you’re crafty.

Get a 9.6v rechargable battery pack, such as those designed for airsoft guns. It accepts it, and it (or a slightly higher voltage) will benefit the train’s speed greatly, as it’s pretty sluggish otherwise.
I’ve also heard you should just twist-tie the cars together, as the knuckles can separate a lot around children.

So, at this price, if you want to get your kids something fun for Christmas but don’t trust them not to destroy (or appreciate) a more sophisticated (and expensive) version, this isn’t a bad deal.
Will savvy model train enthusiasts like it? No. But it’s not for them, so they can just be grumpy the O scale version isn’t on sale today. :slight_smile:

I have owned this train for about 8 years. It only comes out at Chiristmas time, but I have had no issues with it.

It does eat batteries though - 6 ‘C’ batteries go inside of the coal car and 2 ‘aa’ go inside the wireless controller.


“Disappearing Hobo” Feature FTW.

we purchased this for our 4 yr old son who Loves trains and the Polar express I hope it is good enough for him. We have our train for the tree that is our good one.