Polar Paw

Sweet! Graceful, exquisite art, and the little cub is a great finishing touch. Congrats on your win, SpiritGreen! :slight_smile:

Please print this shirt on other colors. Some (all) of us like dark grey.

This goes for all shirts.

This design really makes an impact!

Looks beautiful on the white shirt, the snowy theme matches perfectly, congrats

Congrats Spirit! I love this design. Beautifully executed as always, the subtlety of the background is a nice touch. And kudos for being more original than cats and star wars :wink:

Or even darker - black, navy, dark charcoal gray…

Thanks everyone for the warm reception! This was an experimental one for me and I didn’t know quite how it’d work out at first or how it’d be received.

I know white shirts aren’t the most popular but that was the brief so
I tried to create something that belonged on white (the polar bear fur). Thanks to the voters and everyone who buys the shirt. :^) Enjoy!

Congrats Spiritgreen! Great win!