Polar RS400 Running Series Heart Rate Monitor

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**Item: **Polar RS400 Running Series Heart Rate Monitor
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so-so reviews (2.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Polar tells us how to get started [youtube=g5QmRF3X9U0][/youtube]

I have the 300 series with the same chest strap and transmitter, and it works amazingly. I paid around 90 for it off amazon as a set, but for the next step up this one looks nice. I’ve never had any problems with it, its very accurate and has plenty of options. I’m an entry to mid level runner/athlete and it more than suites my needs. Being able to monitor you’re heart rate is a must for intelligent training. If you’re on the fence about this one, go for it!

I’ve always used heart rate monitor of various types for cycling or spinning and it works pretty well. But when I use them on the treadmill and on my intervals, the heartrate goes all over the place, sometimes maxing out at 230, other times going at around 1/2 my actual heartrate.

Are these reliable when the strap is bouncing around a bit?

Am I imagining things or is this a woot-accessory/watch-tech-sport kinda thing???

Mine is very reliable. I use it from outdoor/treadmill running to martial arts sparring and it remains very consistent. Also the tread mills at my gym just happen to be compatible (i cant remember the brand) with them and they sink up automatically. I’ve found that the reading on the treadmill can be inconsistent though due to interference from whatever source. But my watch has always been accurate.

designed by klingons. Very athletic, those klingons.

Mine syncs up with the gym equipments too, and they differ by something like 2-3bpm. When the transmitter signal becomes inaccurate, it is inaccurate on both my watch and the treadmill. Since I am usually in the middle of an interval and gasping for breath, I don’t have time to fiddle with the strap and instead grab the heart rate grips to continue to see how high it goes until my interval is over, but then, my recorded avg and max heart rate becomes all off.

wow, if I get two of these things, does that mean I will be bi-Polar?

Not a GPS watch.

I have a Polar FT4, which I got recently from Amazon for about $65. It seems to do an excellent job of measuring my heart-rate. Everything else seems to work ok, but I do wonder about the algorithms used to calculate burned calories based on heart-rate. I’m going to presume that they both use the same one. My FT4 says that I burn 900 calories from an hour of cycling. That seems a tad high to me.

Can you swim with this unit? Also, it appears to be a good deal but, is it?

My Wife and I both have the rs200 with chest straps and foot pods. We have had no issues out of either one. Very accurate and works with the gym equipment too.

The RS400 and strap can be used in the pool, they are waterproof :slight_smile:

I am a cyclist, not runner, so may be different for runners. For me, it would be better if bluetooth capable so you could use with various training apps on your phone. That is the direction a lot of this is headed.

I owned this (and the footpod) several years ago. Overall, the system works well. It recorded very accurate splits races and as far as I could see, the chest strap was the most comfortable available. I never had problems with erroneous HR readings. And once the footpod was dialed in, it too was very accurate.

However - it becomes a lot to juggle and make sure batteries are fresh. And syncing with a computer requires a PC or PC-emulator on a Mac. That just became way too much effort me after a while, especially due to the (at the time) poor quality of the graphs and charts.

Ultimately, I sold the entire set, loaded Runkeeper on my smartphone and haven’t looked back since. If I ever want to go back to tracking my HR, Runkeeper can even do that, too, now, with the right chest strap. I just don’t see the need anymore for a separate running watch with proprietary footpod, chest strap, and software to do what clipping my iPhone to my belt can do.

Which easily explains the massive price cut - because I can’t be the only one thinking like this.