Polara US/XD Golf Ball Combo 12-Pack

**Item: **Polara US/XD Golf Ball Combo 12-Pack
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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An ABC news story on them.


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Bought em from Amazon. Can’t say I noticed any difference. You can still slice/hook the devil out of them. Not sure what to think of that ABC story… but buy em and see for yourself.

Here are some reviews for the Ultimate Straight

I like the idea but I can’t see myself playing with an illegal ball. That kind of defeats the purpose of going out on the course and testing my technique and skill.

But if you are like me and already know skill is lacking, and you work a work schedule meaning you golf alone, these are wonderful. You can almost always find the ball in the fairway, and when no one is next to you to follow your ball, pace of play is way better. I do not hold anybody up on their round, or extend mine by letting everyone play through. We all win.

It’s important to know these will not go as far as a regular ball or Pro V anything, and you still have to swing right; even these can find the woods without proper hits.

It’s also important to remember they are really just for a drive, I drop a regular ball next to it and move on. The times that I forgot and walked up and wailed on it, they can really go screwy.

Think of them more like training wheels. Then the game speeds up, you gain experience, and you get better with the regular balls.

And as I said, they can still find the woods. I am in for three, one as gift.

I am not a good golfer, but I am ok, I am typically in the low 90s sometimes high 80s, and sometimes high 90s. These balls should be treated as a novelty and not used regularly in my opinion.

They have zero distance, they hit like dead hollow rocks. I have a friend who is not good at all and he bought some at a local Sporting Goods Store and they do control your slice, but you lose lots of yardage.

If you have a large slicing problem, like I once did… the best thing to do is youtube and watch videos of what causes a slice. Then investigate how to fix yours since there are many reasons for a slice, I personally started by eliminating the driver from my bag and typically just hit 3 or 5 woods.

these balls do what they advertise, but is honestly no different than aiming 20 yards left to put your slice dead center, the distance is no different and it’s still “Duct taping”.

Golf takes years to perfect, don’t give up fixing your slice… it took me around 8 years. Of course if you play like 3 times a year, buy these balls and knock yourself out

You can get this same deal for $32.95 from Polara’s website. Still a great Woot Deal, but not $50.00 regular price great.

I am intriged by these for sure!