Polaris Hugger Ceiling Fan

Description says:
Keep cool with this sleek modern fan in a classic Satin Nickel finish with Walnut blades.

Picture shows satin nickel blades, not walnut. Which is it?

Found out that they are actually walnut wood blades but with a painted silver finish to match the metal fan housing.

does this include a remote?

Yes. It was listed in a very obscure bullet point. We made it clearer.

I hardly shop here any more because they no longer bother to list even the most basic of technical specs here for any of their products listed - like in this case, where the diameter (width) or vertical clearance (height) of the fan isn’t listed so we could determine how low the fan would hang from the ceiling - or if it is variable height, as many fans offer.

I don’t know who made the decision that it takes too much time or effort to include this simple information, but as someone who practices continuous quality improvement as a profession, it frustrates and disgusts me in an age where product information is readily available from original packaging and packing lists, and could be easily transcribed when initially cataloging the item for sale.

Instead, Woot! would rather make customers look this information up independently and share it amongst themselves here, which is an inefficient waste of our collective time. It is possible that this policy was conceived of after management tired of seeing the frequent inaccuracies of past specifications listed; however, either proposition is equally abhorrent and a fine example of the depths of “idiocracy” to which our country has devolved to.

Congratulations, Woot! – you have devolved another notch downward – again.

What’s the diameter???

“Size: 12.2 x 52 inches”