Polaroid 10.2” Digital Picture Frame

secretly this lady is happy she just wants attention like all women

she might be laughing really hard… at all of us.

I guess she didn’t get her bag of crepes…

or worse if you know what I’m sayin’

This is even scarier

yes. A light bulb also uses more electricity than a picture of a light bulb, in case you were wondering.

The girl’s expression in the photo frame looked just like mine when I saw today’s woot… :frowning:

What picture file formats (besides .jpeg) does this support?

Is this girl in the pic suffering from Wooter’s Remorse?


She’s crying for the posts the Woot mods have to read through.

“I made the mistake of purchasing a widescreen photo frame. Unless you take all your photos in wide screen you will absolutely hate this.”

Most frames have a setting to fill the screen so no black bars, though it cuts a bit off the top and bottom. Overall, the picture is usually fine, and even a bit zoomed in so it’s bigger.

Polaroid’s Website

That picture really makes me want to but the frame…

Here is a user’s guide.
Avoid rating the product by just entering a security code.

It is an artistic expression of an ubber motha… "you don’t call, you don’t write, I am not getting any younger, I was in labor for 200 hours and your head was the size of a melon… but do I complain? … No, no… I understand… You are busy living your life…the one I gave you…sniff, sniff…)

making mental note to call mom :slight_smile:


Found the woman’s picture if you people really wanted it.

Looks like they googled “distraught woman”



Will it hold 2000 pics at 10 mega pixels??

I am a reviewer at Amazon and look for the ‘verified purchase’. Even though none of these have one, all of the 5 star reviews were written on April 2nd and each reviewer has only posted ONE review, on this product. The 5 stars are shill reviews.