Polaroid 10.2” Digital Picture Frame

Is this part of the Dove realistic models campaign?

How does one “but a product?”

Wait there was a sad girl this morning and now it’s some guy outside the Tower of London?

Where are you keeping the girl, Woot?

Woot, you’re messing with my mind… again… always… why do I keep coming back for more?

Nice find. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is the power adapter compatible with 220 volt?

I think the answer you seek is contained within your own post. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Get out your calculator:

It has 512 Million Bytes of storage, or 4,096,000,000 bits. To hold 2000 pictures, each picture has to be 2 Mega bits in size (on average), or about 256K Bytes. That would be a reasonably well compressed JPEG image if the source was 10 Mega pixel. Sure, it will hold them, just not sure how good they will look.

That probably wouldn’t work, as these usually don’t have any kind of input besides the memory card slot.

Tour guide, no! They are now featuring a beefeater! Wait, whaa?

Maybe it’s a crazy Woot experiment to settle once and for all if the market responds to smiles better than tears. Everyone keep your eye on the real-time stats.

It has a transformer plug that is 120-240 50/60Hz

I didn’t see the words “refurbished” in the description. Does anyone know for sure if this is new and not refurbed?

Also wondering what happened to the sad, sad woman. I believe that she was the recipient of one of this year’s April fool’s day bandoliers and Woot is attempting to cover up the disappointment. That guy may look like a beefeater but in actuality he’s the head of Woot security. Woot, of course, got a good deal on some refurbished beefeater outfits and they’re putting them to good use. This picture was snapped just after the sad woman was “taken care of” and the security guy emerged to laughingly say, “What sad woman? Haha…nothing to see here.”

That’s a Beefeater, just look at smiles on all the girl’s faces

They must have read your comments. Now it’s the guy from the gin bottles

Well evidently the refresh rate on this frame is slow… about 12 plushours per pic?

Does it have a random playback feature?

That doesn’t sound right.

Hey did the picture on the picture frame change just now? o_O

It is right, but it would have been a lot more straightforward if he’d just said: “512MB divided by 2000 is 256KB.”

A 10MP photo is about 2-3MB in JPEG with light compression. However, since the screen isn’t nearly 3000 pixels wide or high, you can safely reduce the resolution of the pictures.