Polaroid 10.2” Digital Picture Frame

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Polaroid 10.2” Digital Picture Frame [New] - $42.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Polaroid XSA10169S 10.2” 1024x600 Digital Picture Frame w/512MB Built-in Memory

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here’s the product website

Tepid reviews at Amazon, including 5 stars from a guy who hates it.

This screen has a different width to height ratio than a camera. It’s 16:9 instead of what your camera takes, which is usually around 3:2.

Your photos won’t fit completely. The tops and bottoms of your photos will be cropped, unless this has a mode to only crop the top or bottom. Or you will have black bars on the sides…

YOUR CAMERA: (in general, depends on your sensor)


I bought this on Woot a couple of weeks ago (for $7 more). I really like it. The aspect ratio is not that of standard camera settings, but I take most of my photos in 16x9, so it works beautifully for me. 512 MB of built in memory is actually pretty good, and it will “optimize” any photos you load into its memory appropriately for the resolution it provides, allowing a useful number of photos to be stored in it’s built in memory.

I got this last time too, I do a lot of photography and got it for my wife. I have a 2GB SD card I put a ton of pics on. I was a little disappointed it can’t use Compact Flash (CF) chips since I have so many extra. But chips are cheap now, it’s not a big deal. I thought the screen was pretty nice actually. It’s was simple to operate too. I’m tempted to get another but I really don’t need it :slight_smile:

does this have stand alone battery capability or does it have to be plugged in to work? i need 2 digital frames for my work but they have to have either internal rechargable batteries or like replaceable Double-A batteries.

I bought a few frames for last Christmas and they were a pain to load up using my Mac. I’m thinking of getting this for my Dad for his birthday and loading it up as well, does anyone know how friendly this is with a Mac?

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No Wifi fail… c’mon w00t! I needs a wifi frame!~

For quick and easy batch cropping of pictures, I use JPEGCrops. It is an intuitive freeware program made for cropping.

Asked on the deals.woot page but I’ll repeat my question here:

Does this frame do random slideshows? I don’t want to watch the pictures in order.

“Just insert your memory card for custom slideshows.”

I’d say yes.

Ahh, but “custom” does not mean “random”.

No these are run off of an AC adapter.

yes you can set random and also random transitions.

how long do these items usually take to ship? I bought this for my mother on mothers day. Any chance I get it before then? Thanks!

Same price on Amazon, so not a great price.