Polaroid 10.2” Digital Picture Frame

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Polaroid 10.2" Digital Picture Frame
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Polaroid XSA10169S 10.2" 1024x600 Digital Picture Frame w/512MB Built-in Memory

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Either that guy has a gigantic hand or that’s a pretty normal-sized bunny…

i buy the bunny for 40 bucks…no frame needed

bunny included?


$10 cheaper than Amazon, but I still wouldn’t buy this model…

Come on Woot, give us the good stuff!!!

Woot server and Firefox not playing happy together… the page is slow to load, and even then seems never fully and completely downloaded – the download bar in the lower left only fills about

All the other Woot deriviative pages load fine in firefox, and main page is totally fine in IE.

Rebooted router and DSL Modem, but didn’t help… Bumming me out ! Anyone have a suggestion ?

Looks like a gerrabit.

No the bunny is just further away.

Amazon page

I haven’t paid much attention to these digital picture frames, but dh mentioned a while back that he wants me to get one. Is there anyone whose paid attention to the different dig. picture frames that Woot! has sold recently? I’m curious which ones are better than others.

Clean reinstall?

Digital pictures,
Will not give you papercuts,
This will save band-aids.

Don’t you wonder why a lot of these picture frames are 1.7:1 aspect ratio? Since most of our cameras are a normal 1.33:1 or, at most, 1.5:1. It means we’d have to seriously crop and discard a significant part of our pictures to use one of these frames. Dumb.

Its magic …he’s pushing it into a hat .

I’m having problems with Firefox too. It’s not just you; it’s woot.