Polaroid 10MP Digital Camera w/ 3" Touchscreen

here’s the product website

and the user manual

edit: SURPRISE! touche woot mod, touche.

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Polaroid 10MP Digital Camera w/ 3" Touchscreen
$64.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • Polaroid T1035S 10MP Digital Camera with 3" Touchscreen LCD Display

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Wow, I thought they cleared these out in the WootOff. sighs

Does the touch screen work with latex gloves? I work in a hospital and take pictures of patients.

Hands on video:

HSN Review

Amazon reviews are looking decent.

Anyone know how long the typical charge on the battery will last? Will I have to charge it on a daily basis?

THis will not break if you’re ugly and take a picture of yourself. I tried.

I came very close to buying a digital camera today, but I decided to wait to see if Woot! would have one within the next couple weeks. Woot gods, you were reading my thoughts. Thanks!

Here is the amazon site. Good reviews and $20 cheaper.

I currently have 2 Polaroid digital cameras and I am not impressed by either. They take longer to charge the flash and the picture quality isn’t near as good as the HP camera I had before them. Plus they’re a monster on batteries. Decent cheap camera if you NEED something over nothing, I guess.

how long does it take to take a picture? I have had tons of cameras that once you push the button it takes about 3 seconds to take the picture

Officially the creepiest question I have ever seen on Woot.com

ugh i bought these on the WootOff this month for $5 more =*(

I just bought one from woot a month ago and works awesome. Battery life isnt too bad.


As per my comment (currently, the last one) in the above thread from the first sale of this camera, it comes highly recommended. I had low expectations, but it exceeded them. The camera just works well without costing much at all. If you have $70 to spare and could use a nice camera, go for it; it’s well worth the money. Again, check my comment in the first thread for my own thoughts on the camera and my experiences with aftermarket accessories for it.

WARNING: always use a wrist strap with this… like a n00b I dropped mine and it was easily destroyed.

Does anyone know who actually owns the Polaroid name these days?

I read the Wikipedia article, and I still don’t know:


Will this work on a Mac?
Will this work on linux?
Will this work on solaris?
Will this work on os/2?
Will this work on a commodore 64?
Will this work on univac?