Polaroid 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom & 2.7" LCD Screen

I’m bummed that it doesn’t capture 720p video. That should be required in everything from now on. Yes, everything.

would this be a good cam for sporting events to capture players in motion?

I went to the web site, but could only find out stuff about Lady GAGA

WOW! A digital camera! Does anyone have one of these things yet?

■Resolution (Movie): 1280 x 720 (16:9)-Supported only by a Class 6 SDHC

No. No point and shoot digital camera is, unless the sporting event is taking place in bright sun and you’re REALLY close.

All point and shoots have small sensors. This means that they can’t take in much light. So when you try to capture a picture with a quick shutter speed, the sensor can’t take in much light and the pictures are usually pretty dark.

For shooting sports really well, you need a DSLR, and on top of that you need a pretty expensive lens. Shooting sports well is really expensive, that’s the bottom line :slight_smile:

How much pictures can this camera take with a full charge? I’ve had bad experiences when I was about to take a picture of a beautiful sunset when the batteries died… took me too long to replace the batteries because the beautiful sunset was gone.

got one of these for my wife. good camera, but consumes too much battery power. 2-3 flashes, the battery is dead. our camera bag has at least a dozen batteries for one session of 20-30 pics.

maybe, that’s a big maybe, on bright sunny days outside. Anything besides that and the players will be a blur. Also the shutter lag will require you to have some good timing.

I got mine on Woot a while ago (years) and its still my favorite little camera. I still love it. You can’t go wrong. I wish they had all these cool colors then. But red is still nice. It fits nicely in the bra pocket too. :wink:

I’m confused. Is the bra pocket in the side or the middle?

Sure hope those were rechargeable batteries, not disposable… SAVE THE EARTH, MAN!!!(No, I’m not a hippie)
But really, does the camera actually consume that much batteries?

How much are extra batteries?

Can’t say it better than this

Read the description. It uses a lithium ion rechargable battery

NOOooooo way.
Polaroid i832 8 Megapixel Digital Camera was problems. Returned to Polariod. Finally they returned with a note ‘not a thing wrong’.
Kept right on having same problems.
Great paper weight.

OH THANK GOD! that explains the square and rectangular shaped boobs I’ve been seeing lol
Seriously This cracked me up all these years Love carried a purse unneccessarily. I just didn’t “know” about the bra pocket grins about the Can not many reviews so tempted to get my daughter the purple one now she doesn’t wear a bra yet…but I have a Milking Coolpix so hard to justify even at that price. She has a Disney camera if you can call it that horrible pics unless outside but made for kids to drop etc… still giggling but I’m a chick with the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy. I laugh at fart jokes too. Lol

Short answer:
• Retail, probably $20 to $40, maybe more if you go somewhere like Best Buy. At Batteries Plus in Salt Lake City, UT, they are $25 plus tax. (Note: that price assumes that it’s the one I’m thinking of. See below)

• Online, price is practically fluid. You might find it as low as 99¢, or as high as $50. BE VERY WARY OF PRICES TOO LOW! A “new” battery might really translate to “never been used, but manufactured 3 years ago” or any other conceivable meaning.

Longer answer:
If you’re only getting 20 or so pictures, then either you have a lemon camera, or your batteries are old/exhausted/duds/low quality.

Buying rechargeable batteries online is always a gamble, and I’ve come out on both sides, personally (excellent and terrible). Yes, you CAN find them for a few dollars ($2 to $8 often), but I guarantee you will find a higher percentage of duds that way.

I tried to find the battery model this takes by cross reference, and failed. It is not listed in the cross refs I know and use. My best guess, based on years of selling batteries, and examining the photo of the battery in the pic, is that it uses the battery that Batteries Plus labels as the CAM10425 (also the RAYLI40B). Empire Scientific makes it as the BLI-272, BLI-311, and some 4 or so other numbers - all the same, just different numbers on the labels.

My guess on the model is based on the notches at the top end, near the contact plates, the curvature of the battery (see the bottom plastic plate), and the length/width/thickness proportions. I sold batteries for years, and while I’m not certain I’m right (if someone can get me the model of the BATTERY, I could probably confirm/correct it), I can say that practically EVERY camera manufacturer has used this that battery model in at least one of their cameras. Check out the cross referencing in the links:



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