Polaroid 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom & 2.7" LCD Screen

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Polaroid 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom & 2.7" LCD Screen
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Polaroid CTA-1455 Series 14MP Digital Camera w/5x Optical Zoom & 2.7" LCD Screen

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Amazon Not in stock, but more info there.


One with similar specs at geeks for $88 including shipping.


Whoa. That’s a lot of pixels. 14 million to be exact. This camera is gonna take some top quality shots.

Megapixels can actually be one of the less important features to look for in a quality camera in these days.

Among other things, shutter lag, optical zoom, and size are equally or more important to most buyers when nearly all digital cameras today are boasting some crazy number of megapixels.

Some stuff about megapixels and point-and-shoot digicams:

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Amazon 1 review at 3 stars

amazon review

Can this be charged via USB?

While the specs look good (14mp, 5x optical zoom), I’d be very cautious about buying anything from Polaroid. The company now exists in name only (and may disappear at any time) so don’t expect much support. In fact, they no longer really design or manufacture anything, and these cameras are likely generic Chinese models that go under many different brands. That was certainly the case with their digital frames. The instructions were horribly written (aka translated) and online support was non-existent.

The biggest problem with several of the Polaroid electronic products I’ve tested is the interface. The layout was often illogical and inconsistent. And riddled with bugs. I don’t expect this camera to be much better.

I keep waiting for woot to offer the Casio Exilim point-and-shoot cameras again; I bought one for my wife and it was fantastic in every way until the screen got crushed in her purse because she didn’t keep it in the case I got her!

Thanks for the heads up with this one folks, I’ll keep waiting.

Megapixels have very little to do quality shots when you’re talking about regular size photos, i.e. 4x6, 8x12. You won’t be able to tell the difference between 14 megs and 10 megs, and maybe even 9 megs. High number of pixels only become important if you plan to blow up the photos to posters. And as others have pointed out, you simply can’t squeeze so many pixels into a small sensor and expect quality. If quality is important, look at the exposure, color reproduction, distortion, etc.

Have you seen the Casio Exilim phone offered by Verizon? I have the 5MP, but they just came out with the 10MP. It takes great pics, and it works great as a phone as well. I got it because I was always taking crappy pictures of the kids with my cell phone, because I always carried my phone, but never a camera. Now I have the best of both worlds.

I have a Polaroid camera, eats batteries like they were Pez at a child’s party. 12 pictures and the batteries were dead, even with the flash off. Sent it in and did get a warrenty replacement within a month but, the new one did the same thing. Now it is a paper weight. I will stick with my Canon.

Head over to www.shnoop.com. They frequently have Casio Exilim cameras. I bought a brand new EX-FS10 for only $79. It started out at $109 but has come down to $79 in recent offerings. It shows up at least once a month. They’ve also offered another Casio model.



I recommend that you do not purchase this camera. Mine broke within 3 months (lens would not pop out or open) and Polaroid refused to help me at all. I handled this camera carefully and took very good care of it. A complete waste of money.

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Thanks, but I don’t need a phone and can’t stand Verizon…