Polaroid 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom & 2.7" LCD Screen

Where do the pictures come out of?

Just missed the knives, damn!

well at least this seems to have unstuck wootalyzer

Polaroid…?.uhh no

Dang it I was about to buy knives…

Damn, since I saw Wine.Woot and Kids.Woot stop their woot-off last night I went to bed without a care in the world and woke up late.

I’ve been had! Luckily nothing I would have bought came up.

You can get a seriously better camera at close to $100. Polaroid is teh crap.

Polaroid = poopstick

I can’t buy another camera until I figure out what the heck to do with the 3D camera I got in the last Bag Of Crap.


So I can take pictures of my really expesnive knives.

Yeah, I know. But there were none there when I posted.

Funny that you list Amazon as Amazon is Woot. The Woot Offs have become nothing but Amazon’s warehouse garbage sales.

Polaroid - be afraid…be very afraid.

looks awesomeeee! wish I knew someone who needs a digital camera for xmas!


Nope, I’m the creepy no Facebook guy.

Which is what happens to everyone when they try that…always leading to a fail.

Looks like this “deal” will save ya’ about $5 over Amazon (including shipping)

Come on w00t, I gotta believe you can do better.