Polaroid 2.8" Touch Screen 8GB MP3/MP4 Player

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Polaroid 2.8" Touch Screen 8GB MP3/MP4 Player
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Anything but Polaroid

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like an Ipod?

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ho hum. Woot has gone down hill since big A took over. This same item was available from www.dailysteals.com for the same price two weeks ago. If it appears on Woot, and especially a woot-off, I would have expected a better deal.

first you complain about it too slow…then too fast…WAKE UP WOOTERS, Keep up!

I got one of these a little while back here or on SellOutWoot. I’d read reviews that the touch screen lacked sensitivity, but thought it was a good price for a touchscreen media player. The touch screen is not user friendly.

Even worse is that when it’s in player mode control “buttons” (Play, Pause, Forward, Back, Volume) are all bunched together at the bottom of the screen. So, not only do you practically have to punch the screen, but you almost always have to use a stylus to avoid hitting multiple buttons at the same time.

Sound quality is pretty good, but I really can’t get used to the touch screen and haven’t gotten the hang of searching for music on the player. Bottom line, given the chance to pick up one of these for 40 bucks, I’d pass. I’ll take 100 Sansa players before I buy another Polaroid media player.

If anyone has updated the firmware on one of these and found it improves dramatically, let me know. Otherwise, i think I’m going to gift this to someone who might like to tinker with it.