Polaroid 7'' or 8" Android Tablet

**Item: **Polaroid 7’’ or 8" Android Tablet
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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Amazon review on the 7 inch

Edit: video review deleted

Waste of time and money. Lots of better refurbished tablets are available for under $100.

This is almost too tempting to pass up. But then I remember the $50 Polaroid camera I bought nearly 3 years ago (http://www.woot.com/offers/polaroid-7-0mp-digital-camera-3-0-tft-lcd-black) and that has dissuaded me. The whole thing felt shoddy and wasn’t very user friendly. Seeing that these tablets look like a big version of that old camera I bought. I’m not in for one.

some additional info and ok reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at polaroidstore.com

As with the cameras, the name “Polaroid” means absolutely nothing. The company went bankrupt and the most valuable asset was the name. The bankers sold the name to a company that buys brand names, and basically the quality is no better than if the name brand were “Craparoid” - so if you would buy their products with that name, go for it. I was a sucker for their cameras, twice. Then, I did the research.

I wonder who actually made these tablets. iirc isn’t the Polaroid name owned by Summit Global Group now? They just have somebody make the stuff?

Polaroid’s history after their bankruptcy is practically fit to make a movie from.

It doesn’t seem a too bad though if you want just a basic no frills tablet. The lack of bluetooth is a bit of a let down though. On things like tablets it’s practically a must have imho.

$99 (7 inch)from Polaroid direct - http://polaroidstore.com/products/tablet-computers/polaroid-7-inch-android-wifi-internet-tablet-with-touch-screen-ptab7xc.htm

It seems as if Polaroid either changed the model number for the 8 inch, or updated it slightly.

$129 (8 inch) from Polaroid direct - http://polaroidstore.com/products/tablet-computers/polaroid-8-inch-android-internet-tablet-pmid800.htm

Better off spending 10 more and getting this:http://www.walmart.com/ip/Nextbook-7-Tablet-with-Google-Play/22127002

More ram, more space and just better overall.

Once the video started I wasn’t gonna let her make me quit even though my ears began to bleed. The last time I heard noise like that was when I was getting a tooth nerve drilled out for a root canal.

like a HP TouchPad with Android installed?

Crap charger and to be honest a crappy product.

I bought one this past Xmas (black friday) at a Menards for a friend who really wanted one. It was awful.

Aw, no ref to Outkast and “Heyyyy-Ya!:slight_smile:

I work at a BigLots and we sell a lot of different Polaroid tablets and I own one myself. They work great if you don’t expect it to be an iPad.

I’ve had many of them returned due to certain apps not working. The most common was Netflix, though it works on my tablet. Most do not have Google Play or any of Google’s apps pre-installed. If you do some searching, you can find the files to manually install Google Play. Otherwise the tablet has links to install the Amazon app store and a few other smaller app stores.

Instructions to root the 8" are here.

I agree, piece of crap! I picked one up at BIG Lots for $50; and upon opening it returned it immediately. Cheap plastic toy like it should’ve came out of a cereal box! DON’T WASTE YOUR $$$$

Well, if I had the money to blow on it I think I’d pick it up just to root it and put Cyanogenmod on it. I figure you could make something nice out of it once it was free from the bonds of the stock rom.

Do they play netflix?

I believe it’s a very bad sign that somebody chose to give an Android tablet a skin which resembles Windows 8.