Polaroid 7" Android Tablet



This is cheap enough that I wouldn’t mind letting my kids play with it, if I had kids that is.

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looks like the bastard child of a galaxy note and a digital picture frame.


I have good news and bad news regarding this little guy.

The good news is that it’s insanely cheap. Practically disposable.

The bad news is that it’s insanely cheap. Doesn’t even run Honeycomb, though I’m sure a little hacking could put some pretty decent software on this thing.


Ordered one of these during the Woot-Off and got it today. I was excited to use it only to discover that the wireless card is useless. I am literally 7 feet from my router with ‘Poor’ signal quality and right side of my touch screen is not functioning. Needless to say it will be going back. DO NOT BUY


Sorry to hear that you received a defective unit. Please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with finding a resolve.