Polaroid 7” Digital Picture Frame with Wireless Weather Station

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Refuebished Polaroid 7” Digital Picture Frame with Wireless Weather Station, for $34.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Polaroid XSA-00770S 7” Digital Picture Frame with Wireless Weather Station

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I am looking for a frame. Does anyone know about this one. Is it any good

1 Polaroid 7” Digital Picture Frame with Wireless Weather Station

$34.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

3 reviews on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Polaroid-Digital-Weather-Station-XSA%2d00770S/dp/B000XK09VW


Great deal on this if it wasn’t “polaroid” which is aka for anyone who can afford the licensing fee for the name. Also, Refurb… eh Pass… but better than the mini-SD cards

An odd combination of two things which I bet is pretty bad at both of those functions

Lackluster Amazon reviews:


Something that looks expensive, but is cheap? I’m in for a Christmas present!

Chances are nearly zero that your digital camera takes pictures in 16:9 ratio. So your pictures will either be cropped or float between empty bars on the screen. I have no idea why manufacturers make 16:9 digital frames, but unless you’re shooting HD video, they’re bad.

(And even if the screen were the more reasonable 4:3, this resolution’s too low to display images well. Some cell phone screens have better resolution.)

A mesh of two separate things that should be kept separate, plus a fraud scandal from the majority owner of polaroid = no buy…

In for 3, extended family Christmas shopping done. Now if they can only get it here in the next 40 days or so…

Anyone know of any B&Ms that carry these?

I would want to see the display in person before I bought one.

What kind of packaging does this come in? I want to give it as a christmas present, but I hesitate because some refubs on woot! come in generic packaging. If I could suggest to Woot! to list this info with Woots! during the christmas season for those wanting to give items as gifts would be great!

I have one of these. The main problems I have are the resolution and the aspect ratio. You’ll have to crop, live with stretched picture, or black bars on the sides. The resolution is horrible at any distance, and at any distance the pictures is too small. The weather station bits work acceptably well, and the outside temperature sensor has decent range. There is only one channel as far as I know, so you cant’ have several of these with different sensors (not sure why you’d want to, but you can’t). The weather station remains on at all times when the device is powered. There is not back light on the weather station part. Overall, I’d say it might be worth $40.

not great reviews
and for 7" 480x 234 is pretty bad I’ll pay a little more for at least 640x480

Most of the polaroid digital photo frames on Alatest get some pretty good reviews. Just an fyi.

Whats the big deal about cropping to 16:9?

You can’t just take pictures with some random camera, no matter how fancy its on-board software, and expect them be perfect to load straight onto any other random output device.

You’re SUPPOSED to have to photoshop every shot, check contrast and levels, and crop and resize it for whatever you want to do with it.

A 16:9 frame doesn’t cause any problems, so stop crying over it. It just points out that you’re being lazy with your photos.

OK, I got a question here.

Of course, the resolution is pathetic, and it probably won’t win any points for color quality. I also caught that you must have a memory card in it, as it has no on-board memory. But all that might not matter if you have cheap woot-off memory cards laying around the house, and you don’t even want to show photos on it.

I’m thinking this could make an auxiliary display for computer-generated CPU graphs, etc. if I can sneak them in and out of a perpetual slide-show. Does anyone know if you can load images via USB while a slide-show is running, and whether it will pick them up and display them as it goes?

EDIT: Of course not; this thing has a host port – which kind of jives better with the no internal memory bit, anyway.

seems like a pretty good deal for christmas presents. might have to get a few