Polaroid 7" or 8" Android Tablet

3 Star Review

Feedback is Not so great for the 8"

Really long video for rooted 8"

Lot’s of comments from when these were offered in July

Additional info on the 7" model can be found over at the product page

thats being extremely generous.

Additional info on the 8" model can be found over at polaroidstore.com

There are a lot of great quality products sold on woot. This isn’t one of them. I picked up the 7" version a few months ago, after reading favorable reviews. I was very disappointed. The screen resolution is so bad that I had to max out the size of everything possible just so I could read it. But by then, the poor apps just couldn’t handle displaying their stuff anymore. I suggest throwing the extra bucks at the 7" Samsung offered on the mother page…

Hey, I remember this product description. It’s still pretty funny despite the Polaroid being universally panned by all critics and Wooters alike.

I’m one of those who really wants a tablet…but after reading these post, I’m gonna get me a Kindle Fire.

Seems these are offered fairly regularly and always have the same reviews here on woot… obviously with good reason. Home page deal is better, but not great. Ima still waitin.

Jerry, I’m a bang for the buck kind of shopper. The Kindle doesn’t take an external memory card which broke the deal for me. I went with a Sero 7 Pro from Wal-Mart. $129 will get you some quad core goodness that doesn’t break the bank. BTWs, I had one of the Polaroids and returned it.

This is a great gift idea to the person you hate the most. Unless you hate your kids I highly recommend you don’t not get this for them. On the other hand this would make a perfect gift those those other children whom you do hate. Then they can get so frustrated with it that they could throw it at their parents.

Save yourself some heartache or a lot of time, get the Nook HD instead. The Nook HD has the full google store so there is little reason to root it and gets you the kindle app if that is really your thing. The screen is better and the device is more open.

The only reason I’ve seen to buy the fire is if you’re tied into Amazon with the Prime - you can watch the instant video on the Fire - not so on other Android tablets. You also get the Kindle lending library - which I think is only available with the Kindle line (including the Fire). If you don’t use those Amazon services, go with the galaxy tab on the main WOOT page - you’ll like it much better.

thanks I enjoyed that.

I’ve got a 7-incher from #BigLots and satisfied that I got what I paid for. Come on: these are last year’s technology, refurbed and at a disposable price. I successfully use mine as an e-reader and watching reasonable resolution media from bedside pillow distance.

Does the “Polaroid” stand for anything of quality?

Mine just stopped working! Do not buy. You will not like it.

These are not last year’s technology. These are’t even two years ago technology. And even if they had been, the execution was so poor it wouldn’t have mattered.