Polaroid 7MP Digital Camera with 3" LCD

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Polaroid 7MP Digital Camera with 3" LCD [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Polaroid T737 7MP Digital Camera w/ 3” LCD and 3x Optical Zoom

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here we go!

not baddd!

Starting to see some cooler junk under $100.

Is it really 2003 all over again?

7 megapixel and its polaroid


I saw a 12 megapixel by sony for $69 2 weeks ago

Only 7 mp Pass

I seriously had no idea that polaroid was still in business.

why even follow all these woots if you turn down everything? have you been doing this for 2 yrs?

“fill up the 16MP memory”

Trying to figure out how to do this…

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Thanks all!


Eh, its a decent deal. My friend owns the exact same one, pictures are clear and sharp. I’d say its a good deal, not for me though.

For those complaining about the MP size. How big would you be printing photos?


Go ahead and buy this camera then…

all for ya

<-- Applauds.

They joined the Revoultion! and make digital cameras along with their instant film cameras.

or was this found in the WOOT archives from oh so many years ago?

I never understand the megapixel wars. Are people making massive posters? maybe scaling to life-size?

old mcdonald had a farm, ee i ee i ohhhh

megapixels have noting to do with the size of the picture, only how many pixels are crammed into the same space. Because a printer is a physical device (thus constrained) is has a max amount of dots it can print in a given space.