Polaroid 7MP Digital Camera with 3" LCD

This discussion is funny, maybe i should grab some popcorn and a soda =)

I still don’t understand the cola wars.

they actually stopped making the instant cameras, not the rest

I want my camera to take this http://gigapan.org/gigapans/48492/ in a single shot. I think this Polaroid falls short.

My thoughts exactly. A 3.2mp camera will do 8x10 photos very nicely.

Hey Ya!

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Sorry, but you’re wrong. They just put out the new, instant ‘300’ model.

It’s all about the “Mine’s bigger than yours.”

Nice for taking shots of fuzzy white kittens, seals and polar bears.

What is with what looks like red LED’s on the left side? Are they functional?

yeah, yeah… i had heard of that… but it was very recently though…

Seriously, it’s 3am here…my kids will be up in 4 hours. Give me SOMETHING please!

More pixels on a tiny sensor means bad low lighht performance. 7 mp is
more than enough for most people’s needs. Big enogh for 4x6 prints and posting on the Internet.

I just got mine, charged the battery for 8 hours, plugged it in, tried to turn it on, nothing. I’ve been fiddling with it since, trying to get it to work, nothing. Anyone have any similar issues? I’ve already contacted polaroid, waiting for response.

I recently opened mine yesterday. Same thing happened. I charged it all day and it still won’t turn on. Anyone know what’s going on?