Polaroid 8" Dual-Screen Portable DVD with Game Controller

That list of games is incredible!!!

Have been looking for one of these for awhile but the Philips one i heard was better. Any opinions I know Polaroid sold their name to anyone who would pay the licensing fee but just curious if anyone has any personal experience.

Wow. Same one I got on Black Friday new for $75.

Ok that just answered my question. But is it any good?

I suggest anyone considering this unit investigate the comments from the last several times its been up on Woot! - in short, it’s not good

I predict everyone is going to get one (or more) of these in the next B O C

Ooops. Only 2 stars on average from Amazon reviewers…

Thanks. I just was looking it up and saw the same thing. Gonna pass on this one then. As I figured most Polaroid is a joke. Have a great holiday everyone

we need 2 controllers for 2 screens

Polaroid 8" Dual-Screen Portable DVD with Game Controller

$89.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

It’s slightly unique with the video input. My daughter has a portable player (with battery) and there has been numerous times when I’ve had to explain that you can’t plug things into it, the movies only come out of it.

Horror stories on target.com: http://www.target.com/Polaroid-Screen-Portable-Player-Controller/dp/B0015R4XC8

I was looking today about getting portable DVD and/or small LCD screen to keep my daughter entertained in the car and during long trips. From all reviews I will stay away from this set. Need to find one that plays DivX

I’ve been looking for something exactly like this, but reading the horror stories changed my mind. I’ll wait. Anyone know of any good deals in the same price range, same type of product?

I would say wait until the next time they post the Philips dual-screen DVD player. I got it here for the same price, and it works great.

Thanks to everyone for their input on the Amazon & Target on this device–I might have been a sucker for one of these–now I’ll pass!

I purchased this exact model on 10/26/2008 for $99 + $5 shipping from woot.

last weekend while heading back from the family christmas dinner with a 2 hr drive ahead the DVD player burnt up… litterally filled the van with a nasty burnt plastic smoke. Luckly it is still under warentee according to polaroid so I’m hoping to get a replacement or something, but I would NOT suggest buying this item.

I also purchased the 7" dual monitor Polaroid DVD player (in silver) from ebay back in march… and while it still works, it takes a good 20 mins for the player to “warm up” enough to play a disk. for most short trips your at your destination before the player will play… no problem in the summertime, only when it’s cold… so again… I would not suggest this item either.


I have had a single screen unit for about 4 or 5 years with no problems.