Polaroid 8MP Digital Camera

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Polaroid 8MP Digital Camera
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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It’s a bee!

Pretty sure these were given away free with purchase all over the place during Black Friday…


Take the PLUNGE. Get it? ha ha.

This camera was used to film A Bee Movie.

Oh, Lordy! What if I go to 9 feet?

Will this work with my EF lenses?

will this work in a tub? Will this work with a rubber ducky?

I own this camera and have used it to take underwater pictures. It’s okay. The LCD screen is useless underwater, you can’t see anything. There is a long delay between pictures, so if you try to take a picture of a fast moving underwater creature, you’re going to end up with one picture and a tail shot as it’s already past you by the time the second one takes. Also, it uses batteries VERY QUICKLY. I went through 2 sets of AAA batteries in three days of snorkeling, taking maybe 60-70 pictures.

One other very important thing - the camera takes a MicroSD card and does not come with one. So, if you buy this make sure that you have an extra MicroSD card laying around or you will need to wait to use it until you have one.

Overall not a great camera, but, it’s a very cheap option for taking underwater pictures.