Polaroid AMA-1850P Rotator HDTV Antenna

Attic** And where is the key to tell you what the two **s next to the word ‘‘Attic’’ means ?

link to owners manual would also be helpful…like does the remote give you any way of knowing which way the antenna is facing or is it just keep holding the button down until you find the right spot for that channel. On the one we use to have did and once you found the sweet spot each channel liked you could just turn the knob there when you wanted to change channels.
Thanks…also could not find ANY Reviews on this brand/model :frowning:

The manual is just a piece of paper that shows you how to assemble it. The rotor does not indicate any direction. I live 55 miles from the nearest tower and have this hanging inside the top of a closet and it pulls in signals really well. You can’t beat it for the price just remember it is a cheap antenna and you will not be disappointed.

ThunderThighs posted this link last time.
Click for Instructions Sheet

You just hold the button down, no way of telling actual direction unless you go outside and look.

I’d hazard a guess that the ** next to attic was some sort of a disclaimer in the original text saying the signal wouldn’t be a good as roof mounting it.

I couldn’t find any reviews either but bought it during the last woot off. I put it on the roof and it picks up all the local stations. I only live maybe 20 miles from the towers though.

From the box…

  • Channel reception varies depending on signal strength in your area, distance to broadcast towers and surrounding area(i.e. buildings, terrain, weather, etc.)

** Mast not included.

It gives no indication of direction. Once it reaches the limit in one direction, it automatically reverses direction, so there is no chance of the cable getting wound around the mast.

150 mile range claim seems to be a stretch. Cannot get even a weak signal from towers approx. 50-60 miles away.