Polaroid AMA-1850P Rotator HDTV Antenna

I read the guide that was linked, but didn’t see this answered. Anyone know if this would work with FM signals?

Per the vendor:
Yes, it will pick up FM signals.

i live about 100 miles from any big city you think this will pick up any channels

It would be difficult for us to answer that question since there are many other factors - such as terrain - that can affect the signal.

This thing is a piece of crap. I live 35-40 miles from the transmitters in Washington DC and this picked up one of the signals.
And since this a “close out” site you pay your money and if you get screwed, Oh Well.

Go to www.tvfool.com for a good estimate of what you can receive over the air at your location.

Enter your address or lat/long. It factors in distance and terrain.

According to multiple websites I should be able to receive all of the Wash DC signals with no problem. As I said, this thing is a piece of crap.