Polaroid AMA-1850P Rotator HDTV Antenna

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Does it have to be used for HDTV, or can it be used for anything else - maybe a super-wifi antenna?

It’s tuned to receive broadcast tv so it would not be good for a wifi antenna…different frequencies.

Will it output an FM signal?

Walmart has it for $39.99 with free in-store pickup. 4 stars average from 4 reviews.


[MOD: That’s for a single antenna. Ours is 2 for $36.99.]

Same as above, it is NOT tuned to FM frequency; so, transmit or receive would be poor. However, I stuck a similar antenna in my attic 5 years ago and purchased a powered amplifier. We’ve had all the basic channels in HDTV for news/sports, etc. and used NETFLIX, AmazonPrime, HULU for all else. Cheap AND effective!

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I thought the FM frequencies are in the middle of the VHF TV frequencies. If so, why would it not work well for FM?

Agreed. An HD antenna is really just a re-branded VHF/UHF antenna, and those work great for improving FM radio reception. http://www.dennysantennaservice.com/1373792.html

Reading the manual gives incomplete indication of how this is wired up.

What is powering the pre-amp at the antenna?

Is the remote controlling the rotation via wireless signal and the cable supplying the tv signal and power, or is the remote rotation signal, tv signal and power provided over the 50’ cable?

Also, walmart shows a power supply that is not shown here.


Very interested in this. I’m curious how it’s powered. I already use an antenna, but could use an upgrade, and I really like the idea of being able to position the antenna remotely. I have the mast and such already set up obviously, but how it’s powered could affect my desire to install it.

Per the vendor:

This model includes the power supply. The power supply gets power from any 110v home outlet.

The remote sends a signal to the power supply that is plugged in inside your home and the power supply sends the power and signal to the antenna through the supplied coaxial cable.

I bought this and was disappointed with it. I had worse reception and switched back to the one I bought a Home Depot, which does not require an additional power source. This antenna cut my channels in about half.

Exactly right. I have an upstairs and downstairs TV, both using 30-year-old rabbit ears and a small RF amp. Both HDTVs pick up all the local stations perfectly.

There’s a huge difference in electronics between the old analog CRTs and newer digital HDTVs, but both types of sets use electromagnetic waves for their antennas.

Until the laws of physics change, any kind of antenna, even a bent clothes hanger, will pick them up. Of course, depending on the antenna, some better, some worse.

Unless the internal amplifier has an FM trap It should be able to provide FM reception as well.

Actually Youtube has video on how to make an excellent antenna out of bent clothes hangars. Made one and it worked way better than the $80 one I bought and returned. Received 17 channels OTA with antenna indoors. Don’t know how many I’d get with it mounted outdoors on a pole. Thinking of using my old Direct TV mast as a mount for it.

We’re using the flat antennas for most of our TV’s - loving the “no cable bill” thing for sure! The TV makes a big difference, but I wonder how the directionality of this antenna would help to solidify / stabilize the signals in the differing directions. I used to hate having to rotate the daggone arial back before satellite at my in laws’ place but it made a HUGE difference!

I bought one of these from Fry’s Electronics for about $25 and the directions are pretty much useless. The antenna comes in pieces and I more or less had to figure out how to put it together myself with the few pictures shown in the instructions. There are no instructions at all on how to wire up the rotator so I don’t even have that working. When I did my first scan, my TV found about 40 stations but only about 5 or 6 actually came in, the rest say “Weak or No Signal” and I live in a very large city.

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