Polaroid AMA-1850P Rotator HDTV Antenna

Here is a link to the manual such as it is. https://d3gqasl9vmjfd8.cloudfront.net/12485b59-d55e-4d6e-bc86-7503a1f62588.pdf

I bought one of these a couple months ago here. While it does its job as an antenna OK, be warned it is SUPER CHEAP, FLIMSY construction—there is absolutely no way it would survive more than a few hours outside here in Minnesota! Put it in your attic or on the second floor and it’s OK, particularly if you are a rentor. If you own your dwelling, I’d strongly urge you to buy a REAL rooftop antenna.

I have the RCA ANT751r Durable Compact Outdoor Antenna. It’s under $50 and it was the best money spent on an item like this. Reviews are stellar as well.