Polaroid Compact Fluorescent Bulbs-12 Pk

You almost tricked me, Woot. I had these in my cart, figuring “eh, Woot-Off, I’m sure I’ll get something else for my $5 all day shipping”, only to find at checkout that it’s no longer the case.

So now there are too many sites, and the deals are, at best, quasi-deals, and I pay too much in shipping and can’t use my Prime? Why am I here again?

here is an interesting article debating the differences between CFL and incandescent bulbs over atmnn.com

What color temp are these?

Unreal… the packaging doesn’t give any information about that.

Any guarantee against breakage by woot?

Did you open the specs tab? Color temp is spec’d at 2700k, which is a “warm white” with a somewhat yellowish cast.

The five bucks for the entire order is still there for me. I checked it…at checkout.

They look to be 2700K which is soft white. That means they will be yellow light.

The temperature chart:

I would probably go to a large retail chain and buy these bulbs for much cheaper if you wanted yellow-color light. Hope this helps!

As long as they keep me out of the warehouse with my giant man hands, you should be ok. :slight_smile:

Additionally there’s a 9 Year Polaroid Warranty, just in case.

The last cfl bulbs I bought were a dime each, (do it center in Tujunga Ca) so maybe this is a deal where you live, but not in L.A.

It USED to be $5 for anything you bought ALL DAY. So during a woot-off, you could buy one thing, checkout, paying your $5 in shipping, then the next 1, 10 or 100 things you bought in the SAME DAY would have FREE shipping. Now, once you checkout, the next time you go to checkout, you’ll have to pay shipping again. Can’t exactly wait until the end of the day to buy a wootoff item…

I used to LOVE woot when there were just 4-5 deals each day (and they USED to be REALLY good DEALS). There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t check woot, nor a week that I didn’t buy something.

Adding all of the stuff on woot plus sites is what started to cool me off, and now I’d have to pay $5 in shipping for every single wootoff item? That’s the last nail on the coffin, woot, sorry. Thanks for saving me a BUNDLE of money, though, because I have no self control when it comes to buying stuff at a great price, regardless of whether I need it or not. I can’t even begin to tell you how many things I bought on impulse because I had already paid for shipping for the day and wouldn’t have to pay it again… But no more :frowning: Bye woot :frowning:

Feeling is mutual.

That’s an extraordinary deal, but I have to imagine it was a sale. I just bought bulbs when I moved last month, and they were about $6 for two. Needless to say, I’m in for one of these 12-packs.

I’m guessing these are not dimmable, but could someone confirm?

Not instant on bulbs so no deal.

There is a delay in this type bulb powering up and emitting light and not instantly bright. Takes a minute to get up to full intensity. Bah!

Says INSTANT ON in the description.

It says it Contains less than 2.5mg Amalgam Solid-State Mercury. Is containing Mercury true of a these type bulbs?

Sadly all flourescent bulbs have mercury!