Polaroid Digital USB 1.3MP Camcorder with 2” LCD

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wooters.us is like a big bucket of happy

Polaroid Digital USB 1.3MP Camcorder with 2” LCD [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Polaroid DVF130 Digital USB Camcorder with 2” LCD

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Dirty liars!

woot fail

The woot staff is a bunch of dirty liars!

Polaroid product #2.

Wasn’t someone just talkin smack about buying a camcorder?

Woot it up buddy.

Ah. So THIS is what “hypothetical” looks like.

woot must be near a polaroid dumpster

1.3mp lol mebe next time

no boc

No tripod mount, shoddy construction, and bad sound quality.

Hypothetical Panda dislikes dirty Woot staff liars! :stuck_out_tongue:

this is obviously for your kids or something

sd mem card upgrade + 2 AA batteries @ $20?
sure get it for your kids to play with this summer if anything


at least it’s new and not refurbished…

can We see something new on woot instead of camera’s, computer’s…

Utah must have a LOT of kids - go go go buy buy buy…

Would you rather see fishing equipment?

I want to see a camcorder with better mp than that…