Polaroid DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive and ATSC Tuner

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Polaroid DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive and ATSC Tuner
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Product List:

  • 1 Polaroid DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive and ATSC Tuner DRA-01601A
  • 1 RCA RCR430S 4 Device Universal Remote

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Does this have an interface like TIVO? or is it more like the old VCR’s?

wish it were a zune… oh well… great woot… here’s my useful linkage… if you want.


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mmmm polaroid. yummy. Hear nothing but polaroids quality after they were bought. I would steer very clear of this one.

Polaroid DVD Player/Recorder with 160 GB Hard Disk

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I’ll never buy another Polaroid, very low quality…goodnight

I’m confused. it has an ATSC tuner, but the best picture it can output is 480p? Unfortunate.

Will this work as a DVR, recording TV right to the HDD?

Hey does this thing develop the DVD recordings if you flap it in the air like the other products from this company?

I, personally, don’t put much faith into Polaroid products. I’ve worked in retail for too damned long . . . the amount of products returned (Polaroid, of course) is concerning.

does it have a program guide? Does it even know what’s on TV, or does it need to be programmed like an old-fashioned VCR?

from AVS forum

“I bought one yeaterday.
I have a Sony 50” HDTV
I have 2 Sony DHG-HDD250 DVR’s
I also have the older Polaroid 2001g
As far as the new DRA-01601A

It will NOT:
Display wide screen video in wide screen (it letterboxes almost everything)
It will NOT:
Play video from my Sony HDD Camcorder properly from USB. It squeezes it and playback is very, very jerky. Jerk is gone through S video, but it is letterboxed.
It will NOT:
Display JPEG images from the SD slot properly. It squeezes these to.
It will NOT:
Tune the upper frequencey range of QAM channels. Very, very noisy. It appears to fall off around 650000 Khz. I get fine reception at 165000 Khz on cable and on antenna, I can get to 719000 Khz (Channel 55). BUT on cable, I have several QAM channels at 735000 to 741000 Khz and it cannot get these without dropouts.

Play Anamorphic DVD Videos in wide screen.

It IS:
Going back…

Some relevant data:
I am pretty sure this Polaroid is made by Phillips and I bet the Phillips model won’t be any different.
Do not waste your time calling the help line - it’s been disconnected.
On the 2001G, I could output ‘squeezed’ video from my DHG-HDD250 in the component video in port, then burn it to DVD RW. Then using IFO edit on my PC, change the flag so it played back in wide screen, and then finnaly burn a DVD on the PC. Then I discovered that the Sony DVD Recorders (RGR-GX330 & RDR_GX550) can record wide screen video through the S video port without editing and even though it is S video, the quality is better than the videos produced by the Polo/ifo edit/PC.

I am hoping Sony will have a DVD recorder that will record from the digital channels (replacement for GX330 would be nice - replacement for the HDD250 with a DVD recorder drive would be even better!) with full screen (anamorphic) recordings "


Also: i called Polaroid and they said they do not honor any online stores except ubid, so if you buy their product and it craps out on you under the warranty they will not cover it, this is coming from polaroid<br/><br/>

So this can do firewire input an record direct to dvd ?

Polaroid is crap

Ignore the story and believe the stats: this does NOT have HDMI input, that’s output only.

Interesting post about warranty:



$10 more than that Mustek you just had in the WootOff?!?