Polaroid HD USB Digital Camcorder

Oh…well then, I guess that I’ll leave now. See you all tomorrow!


Maybe this one will take less than an hour to sell out

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Product Website

$83.81 at Amazon

test video

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Edit: Win!

Good deal

Think my in-laws would like this?


Here are a few more videos:

Polaroid DVF-720 HD Test

Polaroid DVF-720 test video through Denver I-25

Spanky is now in HD - gotta love this guy!

9 purchased and I think the bar decreased by a pixel on my screen…dinner time

Does it accept large memory cards?

Nice whistle.

Well, it IS a previous Woot! :wink:

I hope this doesn’t sell out for a while. I have to go to work tonight. I hate closing at the store. If this thing stays for a 5 hours, I’ll be good to go. NOBODY BUY THIS!!!

How can you tell how many are available and/or have been sold?

I don’t stink 'em - I just link 'em.

It gets pretty good reviews and is 89.99 at Target–so this is actually a pretty good deal. http://www.target.com/Polaroid-720p-USB-Camcorder-DVF-720SC/dp/B003E47FTS/ref=sc_pd_gwv_1_title

It was listed on Sellout Woot for $60 a few days ago.

I think this is actually a really good deal and potentially a nice Christmas gift for someone not looking for a super fancy, expensive video camera. Really considering jumping in for one…

If this is still here after FIVE HOURS, I won’t be! Buy it now or miss your chance, mattageddon!

I don’t know, I think there is a lot of big game that can be captured in Jersey City…