Polaroid HD USB Digital Camcorder


Do I see a one-eyed theme sale happening before my very eye?

No thanks I have an iPhone 4…

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$83.81 at Amazon

test video

Here are a few more videos:

Polaroid DVF-720 HD Test

Polaroid DVF-720 test video through Denver I-25

Spanky is now in HD - gotta love this guy!

first to woot comment!

AGAIN!!! this is like the 5th time…

Yes, it will work with your Mac…

I was hoping for a flip cam.

no tripod thingy. won’t work for skateboading vids. leh sigh.

cool a Polaroid! Does the picture come out of the bottom of the camera?

Product: 1 Polaroid DVF-720 HD (720p) USB Digital Camcorder Color: Red, Silver

Condition: New

Price: $49.99+ $5 shipping

Junk, pure and simple

It would be better if it was a cow mug.

Woot Off, you red eyed wooters,
We were a bit of sleep deprived,
Just when you thought it was over,
Woot pulled another surprise!

Just after the Leak Frog sold out,
Woot closed down the game,
Now that it’s back open,
Everything seems the same.

Polaroid DVF-720RC 5MP Hi-Definition Digital Camcorder with 2.4-Inch LCD Display (Red)
Buy new: $99.99 $90.87
8 new from $78.99

Normally runs about 78.00 almost a 30.00 discount*

FAIL! It took me only one day to learn this lesson :wink:

In for 2

Hey, is anyone else having trouble going to yahoo.com right now?

Have they had any Bags óf crap up today?